That Is The Week That Was


Monday continued the busy streak that we’ve been having in the office.  I got in and managed to clear my queue down very quickly so went through the queue picking up the additional calls and ended up with a much fuller queue than before – still the advantage of being this busy is that it’s very hard to get bored even when you’re stuck in the office on the late shift.  Still things seem to be calming down this week and I’ve got a really large queue to be working through things are remaining manageable and I’m getting them sorted but it’s still a lot to do and not much fun.  After work I headed home and pretty much instantly turned round and headed out to the gym.  I was really chuffed with this session as I was able to build a longer jog into my treadmill session – leading 5 minutes of actual jog time (up from about 2 minutes) – things are obviously improving and I intend to keep pushing myself to get better results (it also helps when it comes to sleeping well!).  After the gym I dived round Asda a bit before heading home and chilling to some tv.  I was able to stay up a bit later than I normally would as I’m on the late shift this week but eventually the time came for bed.


Tuesday was another fantastically busy day in the office.  The call queue was still huge with a large number of calls needing to be dealt with – it was a case of knuckling down and getting on with things.  It didn’t help that we also had a write a presentation for a team meeting on Wednesday updating the rest of the department on what everyone’s been up to so had to find time to prepare this in amongst all the calls that I’ve been dealing with – still the late shift provides a quieter time at the end of the day to get things like that done so it can’t all be that bad.  (If I’m honest I’m really pleased with the PowerPoint I pulled together I think it looks good and has some nice tricks with animations to keep interest going).  After work had finished, I headed home and grabbed a small amount of dinner before heading out to the gym.  Once again I found myself really able to push the run and had a good time at it – though this left me without time for a swim (and probably without the energy either)… Still it felt good to do and meant I slept well again this night.  After my workout I headed home, watched the latest Fringe and then headed off to bed.


Wednesday was yet another busy day in the office – In a way this is a good thing as it keeps things from getting too boring especially when you’re working on the late shift.  The good news was that the sheer number of calls appeared to be going down and we seemed to be getting back on top of things and pulling them back under control.  The bad news was that myself and half the office were out that afternoon for a team meeting which meant that the queues were likely to creep up again.  This team meeting lead to a very hurried lunch just due to the sheer number of people coming and going and the calls that needed to be worked on meant that I was only really able to grab 10 minutes to get out of the office, grab some rolls to eat my soup with and then head back to my desk to try to work and eat at the same time.  Still the afternoon was an interesting one with a couple of presentations from dinner teams showing what they have been up to.  Myself and my colleague Alex gave a presentation for our team which seemed to go well – we got some very good feedback for it.  After work I headed home, grabbed a bit to eat and then headed back into Maidstone where Shaun’s band had a live gig.  This was in a local pub but a really different venue from the previous gigs I’d been too – it was a nice building but not sure I’d go there regularly.  Still the band played well and seemed to have a good time – though I sloped off early as tiredness had started to catch up with me after a really energised start to the week.  Once I got in there was one destination for me – bed.


Thursday was another long day in the office.  Once again it was digging into the queues getting as many problems fixed as was possible – with the numbers still dropping down but still with new calls being added into the queue.  In the afternoon we had to go and do a repeat of the previous days presentation for the other half of the team though once again this appeared to go well – with my colleague and myself being introduced as the A-Team – always good, and doing this presentation helped break up the afternoon so by the time it reached home time it really didn’t feel that way.  After work I headed home with the intention of going out to the gym but Shaun called in to pick up some photos I’d taken from one of his bands concerts.  Unfortunately I’d left my memory stick in the office so we had to copy these using the wireless which took a bit longer  but it was nice to sit and have a chat.  So arriving at the gym half an hour later than intended I had a good workout – continuing to push the time that I can jog getting up to 7 minutes (or a complete kilometre) just need to keep pushing at this and will hopefully being doing a mile or two soon.  After the gym I headed, grabbed a quick dinner and headed to bed as I felt completely knackered.


Guess what?  Friday was a busy day in the office!  Still there was more variety to the calls so it wasn’t just reinstalls today.  Still there were a large number of customers out of the office which never makes things easy when it comes to support but we had to just struggle on through – think its going to be a busy week next week but hopefully things are calming down somewhat now.  After work I headed home, and Claire came over to watch a Bond film (Goldfinger) and we got some chips from the local chippie.  It was nice to have a chill and it was interesting to see one of the Bonds that I haven’t really seen that often.  After the film we watched an episode of the Simpsons and Claire headed home whilst I took the Project 365 photo of the day – complete ting my mini task to get 5 days worth of photos out of one banana – I think these came out very well with a variety of different photos and also pushed the imagination thinking how the same prop can be used in multiple different situations.  Photo in hand I headed upstairs, read for a bit and went to bed.


Saturday was an earlier start than I would’ve liked but it was for good reasons I suppose.  I headed off to the office where we were installing and setting up 50 devices to use our remote access software.  Of course this involved removing and reinstalling the Anti-Virus software which has been causing clashes and various problems leading to the large work load that we’ve currently been experiencing.  It was a nice day though – putting some TV on the main monitors and then heading to a local pub (The Druids Arms – it’s supposed to be very good though I wasn’t that impressed) for lunch before heading back to the office for the afternoon to watch the rugby and to get the installs finished off.  These done I headed home and had a fairly chilled evening just catching up on some TV bits that I hadn’t had the chance to watch in the week due to being so busy.  It was also a big day from the Project 365 point of view as this was the exact halfway point of the project – I’d taken 182 photos and had another 182 photos to go – I tried to honour this in the photo I took but as I found myself conking out on the sofa I felt that an early night was in order so headed up to bed to try and get a good nights sleep and didn’t have too much time with the photo.


Sunday was another lazy day.  I had a bit of a lie in in the morning intending to make the 10:30 service at church only to discover that this week was a 10am service meaning that I would’ve arrived halfway through.  So instead I watched a bit of TV and put on Die Another Day (a real contrast to the 60s Bond of Goldfinger that I was watching on Friday) – specifically chosen because my new next door neighbour was doing some DIY so it could still be heard over the banging and drilling (the numerous explosions helped).  After the film I had a quick play around setting up an effect  for Mondays Project 365 photo (more on that later) and then headed out to the Cathedral for the Choral Evensong.  This was a really nice service (and while I don’t normally go for Choral music I really enjoyed this) before heading home and watching a film called Renaissance – I hope to get a separate review of this up later this week as it was truly astoundingly wonderful to watch – hopefully more on that later.  After the film I watched Top Gear and a bit of the Baftas.  I then realised that I’d forgotten to do the Project 365 photo for the day – I bodged together something for this and then headed to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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