Project 365 Day 192 – Blue Hermit Crab

Day 192 – Blue Hermit Crab

Originally uploaded by ajwalters

Today is a funny one – it’s a bit of a self-portrait but is a very absstract one at that… If it’s not obvious the photos a reference to another form of media and it’s just how I feel today.

Daftness and Whimsy should return tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “Project 365 Day 192 – Blue Hermit Crab

  1. Call me stupid but I don’t actually know what media it is that you’re referring to with the picture! Hope you’re not feeling down though, at least there’s the beer festival to look forward to this weekend 😉

    • Hi mate – alls ok will prob tell you more over the weekend. Other media to which I refer is a book which should narrow it down to several billion… 😉

      Will reply to your email later hopefully when I get in.

      • Ah, I see, I get which book you mean now! The crab threw me off the scent a bit, I was thinking “But he looks nothing like Zoidberg!” *scuttles off into the sunset…*

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