That Is The Week That Was

I’m sure I wrote a lot more in this but it appears to have been lost in the mists of the Internet so for the time being here’s some very brief updates.


Monday – back to work though it was a quieter day as I was covering the late shift for Duty.  I purposefully had a very low key quiet sort of day – simplest way to avoid getting too down considering the day it was – finishing work and then heading out to the gym for a bit of a workout.  If I’m honest I managed to leave getting out of the house a little late for this so only really had 40 minutes at the gym – still this gave me a good 20 minutes on the treadmill where I was able to jog for 10 minutes straight, which when you include this with the 10 minutes warm up/cool down I bookended my time with basically meant I ran one and a half miles – I think its fair to say that I was pretty chuffed by this as I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do this back in November/December when I started going to the gym.  After I’d showered down I called in at the chippy on the way home (I know that this doesn’t exactly seem right following the gym but I felt I was allowed comfort food given the day).  I then headed home, had some dinner whilst watching TV, sorted the Project 365 photo (I’m quite pleased with this one) and headed to bed.


Tuesday was another busy day at work – we’re really managing to make some dents in our queues now which is a good thing but it’s still keeping us on our toes.  After work I headed home, had a bit of a chill and then headed out to the gym.  Once again I was able to run a mile on the treadmill so fairly chuffed by that – just need to keep pushing forward and will hopefully get there soon.  After the gym I headed home and pretty much straight to bed.


Another busy day, but a more chilled evening.  I’d arranged to meet up with Shaun that evening to go to the cinema to see Paul, it was a good film which I enjoyed – I hope to get some more thoughts for this written up soon.  After the film I headed home and you guessed to it – to bed.


Thursday was another busy day at work followed by a good gym session – still managed to do the mile jog – actually did over because I couldn’t read the timer on the treadmill properly – quite chuffed about that (the distance I mean, not the being unable to read a digital clock).  I called in at my parents to find that my Gran was over so had a quick chat before heading home to bed.


Friday – a slightly more chilled day at work helped by covering the Duty position for the morning.  After work I popped home to grab some boxes and then went over to my parents to say hi to my Gran.  After this my sister and myself went back to mine to get a pizza and have a chilled evening and we were just about to phone the pizza company when I got a call from my parents asking for me to come and rescue them as they’d broken down by Brentwood.  So my sister and I headed back to my parents, grabbed my mums car and drove up to Brentwood – once there my sister called out the AA and we investigated a nearby Noodle bar to see if it did take away – fortunately it did so we orderd some food, took it back to the car with us and enjoyed that – it was gorgeous really tasty and I’d highly recommend this place, it’s called Meizu and is just off the M25 junction – it seems to be a bit in the middle of nowhere but is worth the trip to find it.  After getting dinner the AA chap arrived and it turned out that it was just some bulbs that needing replacing in my Dads car after all of that still it meant we got back in good time and after sticking around for a bit of a chat I headed home and to bed.


Saturday started off a bit energetically – as I’d been away the previous night I had a quick tidy up to get the house in order for people coming over and then John arrived to go for a jog – we only had a quick 1 mile jog round the neighbourhood but this was still nothing like I’d expected – I’ve still got a long way to go…  Still I was able to complete it – only slowing down at one point in the middle which I’m chuffed by though I collapsed on the sofa on the return to my house.  After this I had a quick shower and people started gathering for a game of Battlestar – this was a good game and was well played on all sides.  After the game we ordered in some pizza and had a chill, then when everyone had gone I headed up to bed.


Sunday was a more chilled relaxed day – especially given the upcoming week is looking rather busy.  I caught up with some TV and had a little nap, nothing really exciting happened on Sunday so there’s nothing really important to talk about.

And that is the week that was.


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