That Is The Week That Was


So the start of a new week.  It was back to the office for the late shift though I must admit I wasn’t feeling that energised and ready for the week.  I went into work and it was quite a good journey – helped by the roads being clear as I was going in for the late shift.  Once in the office everything was pretty normal – managed to get my queue down which meant I could pick up a few new calls and also do some testing on one of the new PCs that we will start to roll out at some point – basically I’ve been asked to try and break this in as many interesting ways as I possibly can so it’s good fun to try and cause problems.  After work I headed back home with all intents of going to the gym though this didn’t really work out due to the time I actually got back not really working with the time that the gym closed.  So instead I cooked some pasta for dinner and then watched a bit of TV whilst playing a bit more of Final Fantasy 8 (a fantastic game) before heading upstairs to bed.


Tuesday – another long day in the office – the sheer joy of being on the late shift!  After work had finished I headed back to the car and then basically drove back to where I had just left from as I was meeting Keith and Ben for dinner.  Fortunately there’s some parking spaces just outside the office that become free at 6pm and I arrived at these at 6:03 so was able to park up and head to Wethersoons, via the cash point.  I bumped into Keith at the cashpoint so we headed to the pub and had a drink whilst waiting for Ben.  We had a nice dinner though the kitchen was utterly awful managing to muck up all three of our dinners and had a nice catch up.  It’s good to hear that the plans for world domination are proceeding as planned, whilst at the same time stunning what you can cover up in the guise of a geeky chat.  Following dinner I headed home and had a quick chat with Mrs. Phil to sort out a couple of arrangements for the weekend  (Could I also just say to the idiot who followed me for the most the journey home – I put my lights on full beam so I can see where I’m going, you don’t need to follow suite so you can see the back of my car… – certainly not much of a dazzling intelligence there).  Once home I uploaded the photo for the day (which I thought was quite an effective pose) and then headed off to bed.


Wednesday was another long but chilled day.  I ended up going to the gym as the cinema trip that had been planned just wasn’t going to work with the times that I could actually leave the office.  So I ended up popping to the gym with Michael and then heading home and chilling with a bit of TV and then heading to bed.


Thursday was a fun day – work carried on as normal – though typically an hour before I go went on leave I suddenly became very popular and had lots of people asking questions getting things done – still those got sorted out in time for me to finish at 5:30, tuck into the KFC that Chris S had kindly brought for me, got changed, and we then headed to Canterbury as Shaun’s band was playing a gig.  This was at a pub called the Beer Cart Arms which was a bit different from the usual places – they had a good range of beer including Adnams Lighthouse though it wasn’t my favourite gig that I’ve been to with them – the atmosphere just felt different and didn’t quite work for me.  Still the band played well and it was a fun evening.  I headed back with Michael and then pretty much headed straight to bed.


Friday started as a more chilled day as I had the day off.  Unfortunately this lasted only about half an hour before I got a text from John letting me know that we hadn’t been paid.  This threw the whole weekend into disarray so I got a couple of jobs done, headed to the gym, and then came back to find that the pay situation had been sorted.  Money in the bank I headed to the train station and up to Colchester for a weekend away.  I met up with Laura on arriving and we went out for a coffee, before heading down to the Phil(l)s for dinner and a catch up with them.  It was very nice as Anne-Marie called by as well so it was nice to have a catch up before going to bed.


I must admit I was a bit mean to my hosts on Saturday morning by taking them out for a mile long jog around the neighbourhood.  This was good fun – though there was a bit of a nasty hill that took it out of me somewhat – still we all made the full mile so that was pretty good.  We then headed out to the station for the Chappel Winter Beer Festival (photos/reviews here) which was a really lovely day – also had the very random experience of being asked if I was a professional photographer – obviously my camera looks better than I thought! After the festival we headed back to the Phils, had a bit of a nap (yes we’re old!) and then headed out to the Ashiana for a curry.  This was tasty – despite us originally being served the wrong tables food, and was followed by a walk back and watching Toy Story 3 and Bed.


Sunday we got up early again to go to the Fordham Church service.  This was the first time that I’ve been there since the building was re-done and it does look rather strange, as the church is wider than it is long.  Still it was a good service with a challenging talk.  After the service we headed out for a walk around Castle Park as the weather was gorgeous (photos will be coming up soon once I’ve sorted them out).  We had some lunch listening to Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better – rather random!, I helped wash up and then headed off the station to get home.  I had a good journey with nothing really special happening, getting home and meeting up with Michael going via the chippy for dinner (I really need to go to Asda!), watching Top Gear and then going to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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