That Is The Week That Was


Monday was a chilled day – having come back from Colchester the day before I had a bit of a lie-in before being woken up by the postman delivering a parcel.  I spent the morning mucking around at home – sorting out some of the photos from the beer festival over the weekend (photo post here), before heading into town to get fitted for my suit for Dan’s wedding later this year.  The guy doing this was really grumpy (in fairness I caught him just as he was going to lunch) but it was still not very good from the customer service point of view – hopefully it’ll be someone different when I go to get the suit fitted in a couple of weeks time.  After getting this done I headed home and watched a bit of TV, before Michael came over for dinner and a chill.  We had a bit of a catch up and then he headed home and I headed upstairs to bed.


Tuesday was the first day back at work – so not the most fun day as I’m sure you can imagine.  It doesn’t help that I’m on the early shift this week as well which mean a bit of an early start after a couple of days of lie-ins.  Still it was a reasonable day – I managed to get through a fair few calls and seemed to end up with some happy customers so it’s all good.  After work I headed home, had a bit of dinner and then headed out to the gym calling in at my parents on the way to say hi.  I had a good workout though felt exhausted by the end of it – still I suppose it’s all good if it’s having an effect.  After the gym I headed home had a quick chat with Tom and took the Project 365 photo for the day (here) which was also the 200th photo – this means that there’s now only another 165 photos to go and I’ve been taking a photo a day for over half the year – it’s quite strange to think that really!  Photo taken and uploaded I headed off to bed.


Wednesday was quite a good day at work – I managed to please a customer so much that they changed a negatively rated call to a positive rating, and also really managed to get elbow deep into a Powerpoint presentation that my colleague is writing for a team meeting later in the week – he’s asked me to have a look at jazzing it up and I’ve been able to add some animations etc which are really making it look snazzy but at the same time pretty professional so I’m quite pleased with that.  After work I headed out to a random part of town to pick up a new Tripod (which should hopefully be a bit more stable than the one I’ve currently got which is designed to be collapsible and small but this does have it’s side effects).  Picking this up I headed to Ashford to meet John and we went to the cinema to see True Grit – I enjoyed the film a lot more than I expected to and will try and get some thoughts up later (here).  After the cinema I headed home, watched a bit of TV but ended up feeling really knackered.  I got the Project 365 photo sorted and ready to upload but didn’t get the chance to sort it out as the upload was taking too long and I was falling asleep, so I left it running and headed to bed.


Nothing much really happened on Thursday – I came into work and carried on helping out my colleague with their presentation – we’ve got a couple of good effects cracked into the slide show so it should hopefully all go well.  I then headed home and had a bit of a chill with an omelette for dinner (I blame Lurpack’s latest cinema advert for my Omlette cravings – as a colleague noted it makes me want to eat an Omlette not Lurpack so not sure on the effectiveness there).  I then headed out to the gym for a workout – which went well though I felt a bit sore after, before heading home, having a chat with Dan whilst taking the photo for the day (I’m quite pleased with how this one came out – think it captured the feel I was going for quite effectively – see it here) , photo uploaded I headed off to bed.


Friday was another reasonably quiet day at work.  We got the presentation I’ve been working on finished off and fortunately headed upstairs to give this a test run before the meeting as we needed to rebuild one of the slides as this had stopped working entirely – fortunately this was a quick job so everything was ready for the meeting where it seemed to go down well.  After work I headed home and had a chilled evening just watching some TV and a film – The Prestige, very good highly recommended – thoughts later) before heading to bed.


I got up early on Saturday as I was expecting guests.  Even though they weren’t due to arrive till later in the day It gave me a chance to get the beds sorted out and the house tidied up.  Then in the afternoon Dan, Ali and Laura arrived, followed closely by Michael.  We mucked around at mine a bit before heading out to the Exchange Bar for a nice dinner en masse before coming back to mine to carry on sitting around a chatting (with the odd game of Cineplexity).  Eventually at a stupidly late time in the morning it was time for bed.


We had a bit of a later start on Sunday – well everyone else did – I was up by 9ish and just sat quietly watching TV.  Eventually everyone was up so we washed up and made some Bacon Sarnies.  Dan Ali and Laura then headed out and I had a quiet bite for lunch, watched a bit more TV and then had a nap.  After the nap I chilled with a bit more TV and sorted out my DVDs (which have got a bit messy recently).  Then (as it took ages to do the DVDs) it was time for bed.

And that is the week that was.


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