That Is The Week That Was


Another Monday, another new week.  It was a bit of a lazy start first thing in the morning before heading into work.  Work seemed quieter today than it has been for the past couple of weeks – which is by no means a bad thing as it makes it easier to get back on top of things for the queues point of view.  I had a nice wander into town at lunch with Chris and John – though an unfortunate side effect is that I now have Words with Friends and Chess with Friends reinstalled on my phone.  So if you fancy a game of Scrabble/Chess look me up – the ID’s the same as my Twitter username.  Things got a bit more frantic towards the end of the day with a computer I had been rebuilding refusing to work correctly and reinstall a couple of bits of software – this was made more frantic when the customer turned up to collect the computer and I ended up having to send her away.  Long and the short is that we got the computer working correctly but it also meant I left the office late and needed to get to the car, put petrol in it car, then get to the cinema in about 50 minutes.  Fortunately I managed this managing to arrive just on time to meet Shaun.  We then went to see I Am Number Four – thoughts here, one-word-review – missable).  After this I called in on Michael on the way home to borrow a DVD or two, and then headed home and pretty much straight to bed.


I had a bit of a better start to the day on Tuesday – managing to get into work for the early shift and getting away in good time.  The day was a good one – managing to get several calls sorted out and I had a nice lunch with Chris and John.  After work I headed home, got changed and headed out to the barbers to find that they were closed – looks like that’s another job for the weekend.  I called in at a newsagents and was however able to get a card for Dan and Ali’s wedding later this year so it wasn’t a completely terrible trip.  I then headed home, watched a bit of TV whilst I had some dinner and went out to the gym.  I had a good workout- though it was just me there, and then called in at my parents on the way back as well just to say hi.  I then headed home and off to bed.


Wednesday was a long quiet day in the office.  It was nice as I was covering the late duty shift so I was able to have a bit of a lie in/come in later.  After work I headed home and had a pretty chilled evening just watching TV and playing Final Fantasy 8 on the PSP – I managed to finish all the side quests on Disc 2 which I’m pleased with so roll on Disc 3 (of 4…).  Nothing much else to report, I took the Project 365 photo for the day and headed to bed.


Another later start as I was covering another late shift, unfortunately this didn’t work out quite so well thanks to getting into work and being swamped under a huge pile of work.  Still I managed to get this all sorted in the end though it wasn’t a fun morning, and then got hit with another big piece of work (for a £2 million tender…) just as I was going to go for lunch.  Luckily this was fairly quick to fix so I grabbed some lunch and then had a much quieter afternoon – it seems most my workload decided to hit in the morning.  After work I went straight from the office to meet Shaun at the cinema where we were going to see the film Unknown – more thoughts will come on this but I was actually pleasantly surprised by the film, it was a lot better than the reviews/trailers had made it appear.  After the cinema we had a quick McDonalds for dinner and then headed our separate ways.  I watched a bit of TV and then headed off to bed.


Friday another chilled day at work – the queue is really dropping down at the moment so things are getting a lot more manageable and easier to sort through.  I had a nice walk into town with Shaun at lunchtime and then a quieter afternoon again.  After work I headed home, had some dinner and Shaun came over to do some grinding on Final Fantasy 13 (always a nicer task with company), Claire also called in for a cup of tea  so we had a nice sit around and chin wag for a bit.  Then everyone had to make tracks so I headed upstairs off to bed.


I had a bit of a lie in on Saturday waking a lot later than I expected to, still it’s always good to get a good nights sleep.  I got some breakfast and watched a bit of TV before Keith arrived, we headed out to his churches café in Wigmore (I think…) and then carried on to Bens for an afternoon of gaming.  We mainly played network Doom – one of the older classics and tried to play a bit of Red Alert 2 but unfortunately couldn’t get it running on all of the computers that we were using.  Still the Doom was fun even if I was completely useless at I with some interesting twist levels (there was one level full of barrels, were everyone looked like a barrel and you could only tell the difference if someone moved/starting shooting).  We then headed back to mine grabbing a Chinese on the way and watched an episode of Space Precinct (hands up who remembers that one!).  The guys then headed home and I headed off to bed.


Sunday was another chilled day – I headed down to Church but due to a mix-up arrived half-way through the service so slipped away quietly rather than barging straight in.  I headed home, did a couple of odd jobs and had some lunch.  Shaun then came over for a bit more Final Fantasy 13 grinding whilst I played a bit of Final Fantasy 8 on the PSP.  We whiled away a fun afternoon like this and got in a pizza for dinner.  After eating Shaun headed off and I got the bins etc sorted and headed of to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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