That Is The Week That Was

A bit late this week – have been somewhat busy at the times I’d normally write this…


Another start to another week.  I was covering the install Duty at work this week which was always fun as you get to go face to face with the customers more regularly as we get involved in a lot of training sessions.  The only problem as it’s the end the budget year it means that everyone’s looking to spend the budget that they have remaining so things are getting a bit busier than they normally are.  Still it’s better to be busy than bored and it was on this day that I met the most optimistic person I’ve ever met which lead to a really fun training session.  After work I headed home and due to getting in late had to give up on my plans to go to the gym.  I ended up going round to my parents to do a software installation, though this also fell through due to a lack of space on the computer for the files.  So all in all not much of an evening, I headed back from my parents and went to bed.


Tuesday was another busy day in the office.  We got the installs done, and the training sessions done, not sure what else to add to that really.  I also started to help out on the First Line call Stats spreadsheet again – I wrote a Macro to generate the graphs this uses a while ago, and it was updating this macro to work with some new formatting that’s been applied/adding some new macros for adding new staff members, and adding new sheets for additional time periods as well – all in all it’s looking pretty good as I’ve generated a admin pane that you can now access and call all these macros from.  After work I headed home, and then out to the gym.  I had a good workout managing to build up quite a sweat though hopefully this is continuing to keep the weight coming off.  I then headed back home via my parents to borrow a baby photo (more on this later) and then was off to bed.


Wednesday was another fun day at work – once again installs/training/working on stats sheet.  We went out for a nice Burger King lunch with Chris, John and Scotty and then headed back for what felt like a bit of a long afternoon.  After work I was supposed to be going to the cinema but that feel through so headed home and chilled before heading to bed.


Thursday was very similar to Wednesday – work was the same continuing as usual, nothing really out the blue or exciting happened that I can remember about to write about here.  After work I headed home for a bit, took the Project 365 photo and then headed out back to town to meet up with Keith and Ben, we went out for a curry at the local Wetherspoons which was nice – and had a couple of Guinness’s to enjoy St. Patricks Day, it still feels a bit like cheating having them outside of Dublin…  After dinner I headed home and off to bed I went.


Friday was a bit more of a fun day at work – as it was Comic Relief there was a bit more going on in the office – such as a cake stall, guess the baby competition (hence why I needed to borrow a baby photo), a photo competition and a couple of other bits going on as well – it was all good fun and kept things cheerful throughout the office.  I ended up staying a bit late to get a couple of jobs done for the next week so after work I popped to the pub with one of the contractors Roger instead of standing around waiting for the bus.  We had a pint of Salopian Hop Twister which was really nice – it looked very pale but there was an explosion of taste the moment you took a sip, really really good.  After our pint (and some very fun stories) we got the bus back and I headed home.  I then spent the evening just enjoying some of the Comic Relief telethon and then headed off to bed after a quiet night.


Saturday was another chilled day (yet I still felt tired at the end of the weekend!).  People were supposed to be coming over but for a range of reasons they had to drop out, so this left just me and Michael.  Still we had a run through of the new rules for the Battlestar board game which all seem fairly quick, simple and easy to follow so this should hopefully lead to some good games.  Afterwards he headed off, I dived down to the village and popped into the chippie for dinner.  I sat down and watched Ghost Rider whilst eating this – will try and get some more thoughts written up on that at a later date.  I had a quick look at the Super Moon to see if it would be possible to try and get a couple of photos but it wasn’t really going to work, so I headed back inside and off to bed.


Sunday morning I headed over to my parents to help my Dad with the drilling of a hole in the wall.  They’ve been setting up a new cupboard under the stairs to put the Tumble dryer in, so needed to make a vent for this to go through the wall.  So we drilled out the hole for this (worrying at one point we’d managed to break the laws of physics when the centre hole we’d drilled started doing strange things) and had a quick lunch at Pizza Express half-way through the day.  After the hole was finished I headed home and watched a bit of TV before heading to bed.

And that is the week that was – not very exciting I’m afraid.


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