That Is The Week That Was


Another busy day in the office with the installs and the training sessions, still this week is seeming a lot quieter than the last.  It was just me for lunch so I popped out to Tesco, got some rolls and headed back for my soup.  The afternoon continued as the morning did with nothing really exciting happening, and then after work I called in at Maureen for a cup of tea – it was nice to catch up as I’ve not seen her in ages.  After visiting Maureen I was supposed to head to the gym but it was a bit too late to go on the Gyms early closing night, so I headed home, had some food and chilled with some TV instead before heading off to bed.


Tuesday – busy day at work, followed by a really good workout at the gym.  I weighed myself for the first time in ages and was down 2KG which is always good, and also managed to have a really good run on the treadmill.  Not sure what else to add.


Wednesday was a fun day at work – just getting through the various installs and training sessions before heading out down to the station to meet up with Tom.  We met up at Charing Cross and headed to a lovely little pub we have found in the area (they serve beer in Pewter tankards!  How can this be bad?!).  Once settled with a pint we went over the speech for Dan’s wedding giving it a bit of a run through/tweaking a couple of bits of it slightly, before heading out to Trafalgar square to have a look at the Olympic clock and then heading down to Zizzi’s on the Strand for dinner.  After dinner we headed back to the station and parted our separate ways.  I headed home and straight to bed.


Thursday was the same as Tuesday – nothing really exciting to report I’m afraid.


Friday had a nicer start – I was cover the late shift instead of the earlies so got a bit of a lie-in.  Still we were busy with a range of training sessions to carry out and then the colleague I was doing installs with headed off for half a days leave leaving me to manage the fort alone.  Still everything got done and it all seemed organised for the chaps taking this over on Monday.  After work I headed home and then had a chilled evening in, in all honesty I ended up dozing off on the sofa about 9 o clock so headed off to bed early…


Saturday was a chilled time watching a bit of TV throughout the day.  Nothing really exciting happened in the day.  Then in the evening I went over to see my sister and we played a game of Disney Trivial Pursuit – this was good fun with everyone showing an embarrassing knowledge of Disney films.  After the game had a finished I hung around a bit chatting then headed off home to bed.


Sunday was a nice day out enjoying the spring sunshine.  I headed out to Ramsgate with my sister to go and see the Gadds brewery as part of the Kent Big Weekend (a event to encourage tourism in the county) and then after a couple of beers we headed out to the beach for some fish and chips and a walk along the sea-side.  We then headed home where I finally had to cave and mow the lawn (the rest of the street appeared to have done it so mine was looking messy) still the jobs now done for a month and it left my evening free to go over a couple of the stag arrangements with Tom – that’s coming up very very soon now which is at the same time exciting/scary!  The rest of the evening was spent chilling and pretty soon I headed off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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