That Is The Week That Was


Monday was back to the normal fault fixing at work after two weeks of installs.  Still it was fairly easy to get back into the swing of things even though I was on lates (though this gave a good lie in in the morning).  After work I headed home with every intention of going to the gym but it just didn’t work out like that – by the time I could’ve left I’d have only had 20 minutes at the gym so left it and had a quiet evening instead.


Tuesday was a usual day at work.  After work I headed straight to the cinema and went to see Limitless with Shaun – it was a good film and I hope to get some thoughts up on it.  After the film I headed home, made a couple of phone calls, and then headed off to bed.


Work was its usual self – nothing really exciting went on.  After work I headed home and managed to leave for the gym in good time as well.  I had a good workout though did almost fall off the treadmill at one point which was a bit embarrassing and has left me with a funny left ankle (makes a change!) so I limped home, had some food, watched a bit of tv and headed off to bed.


Thursday was a bit of long day at work – but was the last day of work before a long weekend so was always going to be longer.   Lunch was a bit of a rush having to get down to the bank, pick up some miniature sized toiletries (more on the why of those later) then to the Chinese to meet Chris and John, before heading back into town to get cards/a Mother’s Day present,  After work we popped into the local Wetherspoons for a quick pint – introducing one of my colleagues to a Chocolate Stout which didn’t go down too well but still was a fun trip.  I then headed home, calling in at my parents to get a couple of bits and bobs before heading home and watching some TV and having a chill.


Friday was a fun day – finally after months of planning (we first started talking about it in November/Decemeber, flights booked in January) it was time for Dan’s Stag Do.  We’d been able to keep him from finding out where we were actually going all the time – keeping him thinking that we were going to Cardiff instead we were going to take him to Dublin for a surprise trip.  I spent the morning getting bits ready and myself packed before heading out to get the bus to the train station.  At the train station I met up with Tom and Dan, we had some lunch and told Dan that he wasn’t going to Cardiff.  We headed off on the train, got to Gatwick and then managed to get through security, and off to the gate without Dan knowing where he was going.  Before the gate we blindfolded Dan, and the really great Air Lingus Gate staff allowed us to take him through the gate with the blind fold on so we basically got him on the plane with him still having no idea where he was going.  Of course on the plane he found out he was going to Dublin and we headed off.

Of course what happens on the Stag Do stays on the Stag Do…


We got back and had some late lunch in Victoria.  I started to head home, but found out that my parents were dropping my brother back in London, I headed over to meet him and got a lift back with him allowing me to catch up with them on Mother’s Day/my Dad’s birthday respectively.  They dropped me home and I chilled for a bit before crashing and heading to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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