That Is The Week That Was

Not sure why this uploaded as blank on first attempt… sorry folks!


Monday was a quiet day – recovered from the weekend, got the photos sorted out then headed into town to meet up with Jackie and Julie for a bit at the pub.  We had a nice catch up and chin wag.  Nothing much else to add


Tuesday was the same as Monday, went to work, came back, popped into town to pick up my suit for the wedding, went to the gym, went to Asda, came back went to bed.


Work, then home, once home found I’d been left a red card by the Royal mail to say that my wedding cufflinks had arrived.  Very excitedly I drove into town to pick them up, got to the sorting office, then saw the sign reminding that you need to leave 24 hours before you can pick up your items…  Still I was able to get them moved to a closer post office to pick up which will help.  I then headed onwards to the cinema where I met up with Matt and watched Aperture Investment videos on Youtube whilst waiting for him – Portal 2 is almost here!  We went to see Source Code which was pretty good (more thoughts to come at some point).  After the film I headed home and watched a bit of TV before bed.


Thursday was a more unusual day at work – I was involved with a Customer Service day so ended up going out and about around the county.  It was a fantastically sunny day so really good fun and was nice to get out and about and see our customers in their offices for a change.  After we’d finished (and as I was in the area) I called in to say hi to CJ and Sam (my god son and his mum) before heading home to get changed and then head out to Maidstone to meet Keith and Ben for dinner.  This was the usual fun – especially with the typical Keith baiting about how the iPhone (the phone myself and Ben have) is better than Windows mobile 6.5 (the phone that Keith has).  A few good beers and a Wetherspoons curry later I headed home and off to bed.


Friday was back to work for another long day.  Unfortunately I was on lates so it seemed like a pretty long day still time passed.  I then headed home, and Claire came over with fish and Chips.  We sat down and watched Hitch was good fun and just generally had a chill.  Then after the film she headed home and I headed off to bed.


Saturday was a bit of a lazy day, I got a couple of jobs done around the house, before heading out to the post office to try and pick up my wedding cufflinks to find the post office had closed at lunchtime.  Basically I was a plonker!  I then met up with Michael and we headed out to a local shopping arcade as I needed to get some wedding shoes, before heading back to his garden for a cup of tea and a chill.  I then headed up to my parents where we had a Chinese and Mamma Mia was inflicted on me.  After the film I headed home and watched a bit of TV before bed.


Sunday was another quieter day – I managed to sleep through my alarm, so had a quiet morning at home, watching some tv, before heading over to my parents for lunch allowing them to check out the wedding suit.  I then headed home for a bit, watching a bit more TV, and then heading out with Michael to go and see Sucker Punch – more thoughts on this to follow.  After the film I headed home and off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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