That Is The Week That Was


Monday, fairly standard day – back to work for the early duty shift.  Then headed home, via to the post office to grab my wedding cufflinks and then I then called in on Maureen as she was having some computer problems.  After I’d got her sorted out and we’d had a cup of tea I headed home and had a bit of a chill in the evening – I’d been expecting a friend over but that appeared to fall through so I had a quiet evening just watching telly.


Tuesday felt a really long day at work – partially because I’d gone from the early shift to the late one.  Still it was onto installs so that wasn’t all that bad – the day seemed to go ok.  After work I headed home, grabbed some food, and then headed out to the cinema to see Source code with Shaun and Julie – they enjoyed the film which was good though I had to rush off afterwards to get to Asda to do a quick shop and then head home for bed.


Was back to an early start at work – I needed to get away at a decent time as I was meeting CJ and Sam in the evening.  I had a nice lunch heading out to Chunkys with Shaun, John and Chris before heading back to what felt like a really empty off given the sheer number of people out on various jobs.  After work I head home, got changed and headed out to meet Sam (my Godson) and his mum at the local park.  We had a nice play around on the strange see-saw thing and a bit of football before heading back to mine, making a Sausage and Onion Plait and having a good dinner together.  Same then helped me to assemble the wedding speech and we played a bit of Lego Star Wars.  Sam and his mum then headed home, and I watched a bit of TV before heading to bed.


Thursday was back onto the late shift at work, the morning was fairly gentle and then in the afternoon we had a full team meeting – this was quite interesting discussing some of the changes that are going to be brought in over the next few months.  After these had finished I covered Duty Manager for a bit and then headed off home.  I had a chilled evening in at home getting a couple of bits ready for heading away on the next day.


Friday was a day off from work which is always nice.  In the morning I ahd a bit of chill getting my bits and bobs ready for a weekend away – as I was heading off to Dan and Alis wedding I had to make sure that I didn’t leave anything important behind.  My dad then kindly gave me a lift down to the station and I was able to get the train arriving in good time at Colchester.  The weather was gorgeous so I sat outside the station until Dan and his sister Sarah arrived, and we then headed into Wivenhoe for the wedding rehearsal.  We’d arrived slightly earlier than we need to for this so headed to the Rose and Crown and had some pints on the quayside, where I tried an Adnams Shandy – very nice, a little bit like Ice tea, before heading up to the church for the rehearsal service.  This went fairly quickly – when the bride arrived – unfortunately she was rather late due to different delays.  Still it meant that there was some time to have a wander around the church getting some photos, and it gave the opportunity to get some admin bits out the way at the same time.  After the rehearsal we headed back into town and parked up at Toms, before heading to the Odd One Out meeting with Nick and the two Charlottes before heading back into town to Coco cabaña to get some food.  This was a nice meal getting to know some of Dan’s older friends though we had to call it a night quite early to get Dan home and make sure he got a good nights sleep.


Saturday was the big wedding day that we’ve been waiting for so long!  We got a good early start, and I popped over to the Phil(l)s to drop off some bags (I was staying there over night) before racing back to Toms, diving into the shower and doing a couple of other jobs to get ready (such as polishing shoes).  We then got ourselves suited up and headed to the church at the time that we’d been told to arrive to find that we were the only ones there.  Still we amused ourselves taking some photos before the priests turned up and we started to get the show on the road.  We got the ushers briefed and guests started to arrive and all seemed to go well.   The bride arrived on time and it was a really nice service despite the big discussion of Sex in the sermon (and the groom having stickers saying Help Me stuck to his feet…) .  After the service my loud voice helped the photographer get the photos sorted reasonably quickly and we headed onto the reception.  This was taking place at a local golf club and was very welcoming.  I snuck up to the dining area with Tom to get some photos of the Cake and to run through the speech before heading downstairs and re-joining the party to send everyone upstairs along a line-up.  We then had a good mean with some really gorgeous beef from the carvary though the Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes weren’t that great.  After the meal we had the speeches which seemed to all go very well – the Best Man speech myself and Tom were giving seemed to get some good laughs which is what we wanted and no-one seemed to fall asleep.  After the speeches we headed back downstairs for a bit of a boogie – even getting Dans Gran up on the dance floor.  We ended up having so much fun we had to rebook our taxi so it picked us up an hour later than originally planned so we could get the full band set but the company were really obliging with this.  Eventually of course the party finished and we headed back to the Phil(l)s to get some sleep.

Wedding photos are all in the Photo Post here.


Sunday was a more chilled day – I got up a bit too late to head to church with Mr Phill, so instead popped over to Toms to pickup the bits I’d left at his the day before and had a bit of a wander around town with Karen.  We then headed back to the Phil(l)s for a lovely Paella cooked by Mrs Phil for lunch and then headed up to the station to get the train home.  I dozed on off through this journey but was quite lucky not being forced to wait around that often – getting back to find the bus waiting outside the station.  I got in, uploaded the Project 365 photos, sorted out the washing and then collapsed on the sofa and watched a bit of TV – nothing very exciting.

And that is the week that was.


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