That Is The Week That Was

Somewhat late – sorry.  The Bank holiday weekend somewhat threw me…


I’d got Monday as a day off in case I needed extra recovery time after the weekend.  I basically spent the day lazing around – I sorted out the rest of the wedding photos and popped those online and watched a bit of TV.  Michael came around for a chat in the evening; all in all it was a very quiet day.


Tuesday was back to work after a couple of days off so never fun.  It was a pretty standard day – with a nice long walk around town at lunchtime to see if anywhere was selling Portal 2 early (they weren’t…).  After work I headed home, watched a bit of TV whilst having some dinner and then headed out to the gym.  I had a good workout and then headed back home via Asda.  Once home I watched a bit more TV and then headed off to bed.


Wednesday was another long day on the late shift at work – nothing majorly exciting happened though I managed to get caught on a call that kept me in the office till 5:50 – never a fun prospect.  Once again at lunchtime I had a wander round town to see if I could find Portal 2 being released early (still not luck…) and then had a nice BK with Matt, Luke and Shaun.  After work I headed home and had a chilled evening in front of the telly.


Thursday was supposed to be a day when I could get away from the office early – however the way it worked out was that I was stuck in the office as the person who was supposed to be covering the late shift had to change at the last minute.  I don’t think this helped in making the day go faster – it seemed a really long tiring day in the office.  On the plus side I was finally able to pick up Portal 2! Yey! After work we popped out to the pub for a very nice quick drink after work though I couldn’t stay out long due to need to get the park and ride back to the car.  I then headed home and had a very enjoyable evening playing through Portal 2 – more of this in an upcoming post I’m sure.  Anyway it got to the point where my brain could barely think, let alone thing in the corners and loops required for Portal so I headed off to bed.

Good Friday

Friday was a Bank Holiday so a nice relaxing day off work.  Most of the day was spent playing Portal – working through the remains of the single player campaign.  When I finished this I watched a bit of TV and had a chill.  I popped over to say hi to the parents, and then came home, Michael came over, we had some pizza and watched a bit of TV.  All in all a very relaxing day.


Saturday was another fairly chilled day.  I got up, mowed the lawn (and seemed to have activated my hay fever by doing this) I then had a chilled afternoon enjoying the breeze and watching a bit of TV before the new series of Dr Who started in the evening.  I watched this was a bit new and different  – it’ll be interesting to see where the new series goes.  Then after this I had a bit of dinner and a quiet evening getting a couple more jobs done and watching a bit more telly.

Easter Sunday

Had a good early start on Sunday to get down to the Easter Service at church – one of the prayer things we did involved being handed out chicken eggs to hold – commenting on how you hold them carefully – which lead to some disastrous consequences when they were left at the end of the row in the path of my foot…  You could say that the yolk was on me, or any of the other eggsellant egg puns that got thrown around over the course of the day (though they did turn a bit fowl towards the end…).  After the service we headed over to Horsham to see my Gran, Aunt and co – my Aunt had prepared another one of her huge amazing spreads which was fantastically tasty and filling – must learn how they prepare their meat for roasting, it’s always cooked to perfection.  This was followed by a trio of amazing desserts – some photos of these should be coming up in the next couple of days, and a cup of tea in their gorgeous garden.  I think they’ve really thrown down the gauntlet here – going to have to really have a look at getting mine sorted out!  After dinner we headed back home, and just had a chilled evening.  Nothing else really to report.

And that is the week that was.


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