That Is The Week That Was


The last day off in the bank holiday weekend – it was a shame to have to go back to work.  The weather was still gorgeous so had a chilled day, relaxing in the garden a bit and getting some washing done.  In the late afternoon I headed up to London with my Parents and Sister to go and meet up with my Brother for dinner.  We had a bit of a wander around the local area (a part of London I’d not really been to before) before settling at a good pub – the Prospect at Whitby, the oldest riverside pub, and having a good dinner.  After this we dropped Nick (my brother back at his flat) and headed back homewards.  On arriving there sorted out a couple more photos and headed off to bed.


Tuesday was the first day back after a long weekend, and I was on the early shift so not the most fun day.  Still I’ve been on installs for the past week so it wasn’t hugely busy though we had a fair few training sessions to get sorted these all seemed to go well without causing too much in the way of issues.  After work I called in to visit Maureen and had a cuppa with her, before heading home, grabbing a bite to eat and then turning round and heading out to the gym.  I gave myself a hard workout and worked up quite a sweat but hopefully it’ll be worth it in the long run.  After the gym I headed off to Asda to do a quick bit of a shop.  This done I headed home and off to bed.


Wednesday was another day back in the office.  There wasn’t really a huge amount that happened on Wednesday just got work sorted out as I normally would then headed home, calling in at Maureens on the way back to take some photos which I’ll get online at somepoint soon, before catching up with a bit of TV – I started off a new series called Game of Thrones but more thoughts on that will come when I’ve watched a couple more episodes.


Thursday was work as normal once again – in all honesty it was a stupidly busy day and I was glad to be able to get out of the office when I did – the joys of the early shift!  I headed into town for a quick pint with Julie before heading back to the car and a local garden centre to pick up a couple more bits as I’ve decided to try and grow some of my own carrots and potatos.  I already had the seeds and the grow bags so just needed to get some compost so grabbed that (which took a while to find!) before heading back into town to meet up with Keith and Ben for dinner.  This lead to the usual teasing Keith about his phone (it took him several hours to be able to send a picture as an attachment to an email, whereas myself and Ben were sending these backwards and forwards with ease) and then headed home pretty much straight to bed.


Friday was the start of a long weekend which is always nice.  I had a quite chilled day getting the seeds I’d brought the day before planted up in the back of the garden (though needed to do a quick trip up to Homebase to get some more compost to fill the grow bags).  Hopefully they should start showing some signs of life soon as I always feel a bit of an idiot watering a bag of compost which wasn’t growing anything!  I spent the rest of the day playing a bit of Portal and then in the evening went out with Michael to see Shaun’s band play in Maidstone – this was a good show and it was nice to see the appearance of a new song that they haven’t played before (but that I did hear sneaky preview of a while ago).  Then it was home and too bed.


Saturday was also reasonably quiet.  I got a couple of odd jobs done around the house in the day before heading out over to my parents to meet up with my sister and to get the car washed (I don’t have any external water sources at my house so have to borrow my parents hose.  I got the car done and we headed out to Asda to get some quick supplies before heading back to my parents and having a Chinese whilst watching some funny stuff on the TV.  I then headed home and headed pretty much straight to bed.


Sunday was another quiet day – I managed to sleep through my alarm in the morning so had a bit of a late start.  I got some jobs done (another batch of washing and sweeping up a bit) before Shaun arrived just after lunch.  We watched the film The Prestige (always good watching something with Shaun then there’s a good twist that he doesn’t know about – some great expressions of surprise).  Then after the film Michael joined us for what was planned to be a BBQ, but in the end as it was a bit cold we ended up ordering pizza (though of course this was all onto a BBQ base so that we could at least claim it was BBQ like…).  We then watched the majority of the first season of Dollhouse over the evening – a fantastic show, though I had to disappear off for a while to go and have a phone call with my goddaughter too.  After the guys went I tidied up headed off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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