That Is The Week That Was

Late again… Sorry folks somewhat lost track of time…


Sadly Monday was the last day of the long bank holidays so the last chance to enjoy a lie-in though this didn’t last long as I had to take my sister down to the station so she could go up to London to visit some friends.  Still this left me a good opportunity to get things ready for the new week to start.  After lunch Keith and Anthony turned up for another attempt at doing a BBQ though this also didn’t really work out and we ended up grilling the bits instead of BBQing them.  Hopefully the weather will stay sunny and warm up soon!  I also took the opportunity to introduce Keith to Portal and Portal 2 doing a short play through so he got a better idea of how the game works and plays.  We also watched (or in my case re-watched) the first episode of Game of Thrones to see what they thought.  Shortly after this finished I had to go and get Zoe from the station.  Getting her safely home and heading home myself I headed off to bed to get some sleep.


Once again the first day back after a bank holiday weekend wasn’t fun. It was a bit of a struggle getting up first thing to be honest.  Still I was lucky to be on the late shift for work so got a  bit more of a lie-in than I would’ve done normally.  Work was busy as it always is following a bank holiday.  After work I headed home, grabbed some dinner and headed out to the gym.  This wasn’t fun – I’ve been out of the habit of training recently so really need to get myself back in gear but still got myself sorted in the end.  I then headed home via my parents to help my sister whose car battery had run down and needed a jump start.


Wednesday was back to the early start for work – this was slightly easier than I expected it being but still wasn’t fun.  Work was also slightly more relaxed though there’s still a lot to do.  After work I headed home via the petrol station (though an accident on route lead to a couple of un planned detours), headed back to mine, grabbed some food before turning round and driving to the cinema.  I went to see Thor with Matt which was good fun – more thoughts to come at somepoint – and then hung around outside the cinema and had a bit of a walk to kill some time before going to pick up my brother and his girlfriend at Cooling Castle where they’d been for a wedding, and then taking them to the station.  I then headed home and pretty much straight to bed feeling exhausted!


Thursday was a bit of an early start having to be I the office for the early duty shift.  This had a very hectic start with one of our main sites going down and taking a couple of others with it, but everything was back to normal in about half an hour and after that it was a very quiet morning.  I had a nice wander into town at lunch with Chris and then the afternoon flew by and I managed to get a large number of calls dealt with.  After work I headed home, watched a bit of TV whilst having some soup for dinner and then headed out again to vote and to go to the gym.  This was a hard workout but I’m glad I did it – hopefully things are moving the right way again.  I then headed home calling in at my parents on the way to say hi as they were back from holiday.  Getting back I watched an episode of Raising Hope, watered the plants and headed to bed.


Friday was a fairly standard day at work – nothing really exciting happened, though after work I went and had a quick pint with Roger one of our contractors which was good fun – and with a really nice beer called Dragons Fire – very summery.  After this I headed home and spent the evening catching up with Game of Thrones.  It was the start of what was going to be a very quiet weekend.


Saturday was a bit of an early start as I popped over to my parents to pick up my dad to take the car to a garage run by some friends of his.  They gave the car a once over for some problems it’s been experiencing recently (and the bumper if you know that saga) with the view of getting it fixed up to keep/sell it.  Still it was all looking positive so not too bad.  I then headed back to help dig an old fridge out of the back of the garage to see if there was still life in the old thing, unfortunately on plugging this in it lead to a vast amount of smoke but no cold interior so we took this off to the tip instead.  On returning back I helped my dad get out the outside table and to re-arrange the garage now that the fridge was gone, then headed back to mine and did nothing much for the rest of the day.


Once again did nothing much beyond the usual Sunday routine.  In the afternoon I gave the kitchen a good clean out which I’ve been putting off doing for a while now.  Still it was good to get it done and means it should be in a decent state for Eurovision next weekend…  The rest of the day was mainly spent chilling and watching TV, a bit of a lazy day really.  Still on the plus side the potato plants I’d planted last weekend seem to have started to sprout – no if the carrots would catch up!

That is the week that was.


One thought on “That Is The Week That Was

  1. Ah, you’re growing potatoes, cool! My parents used to grow vegetables (in fact I think they’ve started growing veg again) and used to really enjoy it. There is something quite satisfying about eating the produce from your own garden! Hope you get some good ones 🙂

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