That Is The Week That Was


I’m not sure what happened to Monday morning – what was supposed to be an early start somewhat drifted.  Still I got myself into work at a decent time though it was a long day with nothing really exciting to report.  After work I headed home, had some dinner whilst watching some 30 Rock, before heading out to Asda via my parents.  I needed to try and find the beret I’d been given at uni which was in one of my boxes in the attic but was unable to find this – gave something else to look up in the week.  Asda was strangely quiet though this had side effects in that the till I was at had no card reader and no carrier bags! Not the best payment experience I’ve had.  Still I got it done, headed home and off to bed.


Tuesday was a standard day, went to work, at lunch popped into town to get some bits for the costume for the weekend.  I then headed home and out to the gym before heading back to watch the Apprentice and to try and string together some onions into a Onion necklace.  I got this done but sadly the thread snapped so I’m going to have to look into finding something a bit stronger and then try and thread them further (am writing this on Wednesday hence the strange tenses!).  After the Apprentice I headed off to bed.


Work continued as normal today – nothing exciting really happened.  After work, I headed home, got changed and then back to the office to pick up a couple of others before heading out to the cinema.  We went to see Hanna which I found a very interesting film and will get a review up as soon as I can.  After the film I dropped Shaun back at his (though unfortunately got this slightly wrong…) before racing back to mine for the Apprentice.  This was a good episode and I managed to get the Onion necklace finished whilst watching this – it was a good episode but I was surprised by the result at the end.  This finished I headed off to bed.


Thursday was another quiet day at work, followed by a really nice pint with Roger after work.  I then headed home and had a quieter evening getting caught up with a bit of TV and getting some other jobs done.  At the end of the day nothing very exciting.


Friday was a day off so I could get things sorted out for the Eurovision party over the weekend.  The day was mainly spent alternating cleaning with episodes of Frasier (possibly too many of these…).  Apart from that I didn’t really do anything at all, just watched a bit of TV in the evening – the most exciting part of the day was the realisation that carrots have started to sprout – I’m not just watering two bags of compost!


Saturday was Eurovision day.  I got up early and got the beds sorted for everyone to arrive.  This done I had a bit of free time so got cleaned up, and chilled before Michael turned up and we played a bit of Portal 2 on Split screen whilst waiting for Dan, Tom, Cliff, Ali, and Laura to all arrive.  They arrived and we had a catch up, ordered some pizza and watched some Dr Who before getting changed into our Eurovision costumes of various styles and having some drinks whilst Keith, Ben and Ryoko arrived.  We all watched the show which was very good fun – and then followed this up with some karaoke courtesy of the Playstation.  Then it was time to collapse in various flat surfaces and get some sleep.


Sunday was a lazy start – getting some tidying up done and then cooking some bacon sarnies whilst everyone else discussed the school system and whether the leaving age should be changed.  They then headed off and I finished the tidying up before slouching on the sofa for the afternoon and re-watching the previous nights show – it was good watch again being able to enjoy the songs without people talking over them this time!  After the show finished I watched a bit more TV and then found PSN was coming back online – this has been down for about 3 weeks and was preventing me from being able to play Portal 2 online so this was a good thing!  Just as I was getting logged back in I got a call from my parents saying they were having problems with their TV.  I popped round and found that one of the boxes had turned off, I turned it back on and got everything sorted for them, so headed home and played a bit of Portal 2 online with Michael.  We got caught up to the point we’d already played on split screen but then called it a night.  I then dragged myself off to bed to try and recover some sleep lost over the weekend.

And that is the week that was.


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