That Is The Week That Was

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Monday was a bit too much of an early start for my liking though its fortunate I was up early as it turned out I was on the early shift which I may have forgotten… Work wasn’t hugely busy which is fortunate as I had to let it out the door as early as I could to get up to London.  After work I headed home, got changed, and met up with Michael as we were going up to London to see the recording to the first episode in the new series of Richard Herring’s As It Occurs To Me.  The journey up was a smooth one, grabbing a quick bite to eat in Victoria before heading to the show.  This was a very good fun – especially with Michael discovering in the first half that he’s gained a Thai wife and teenage daughter…   Then it was onto the recording in the second half which was also very funny (and you can hear for free by looking it up on iTunes).  After the show we hung around a bit to say hello (and get a Project 365 photo before heading back home and (as it was stupidly early in the morning) to bed.


I spent most of Tuesday feeling exhausted – the lack of sleep from the previous night plus the early shift was a bit of a killer combination.  Still I got through the day and can’t remember anything majorly exciting happening (this is where my colleagues tell me of a day stealing priceless artifacts/aliens invading etc).  After work I headed home, conked out for a bit and then dragged myself off to the gym.  I was aiming for a more gentle workout given the state I was feeling in so came off a tad better though still had to follow this up with a trudge round Asda before finally getting home and off to bed.


I started the day feeling a bit better on Wednesday having deliberately gone to bed early to catch up on sleep.  The day at work was the standard day – nothing exceptional happened, I got a few calls fixed but nothing interesting.  After work I headed home, got changed and headed out to the cinema (leaving early to avoid traffic, in the end arriving rather earlier than intended) to meet up with some guys from work to go and see Attack the Block – this was a lot better than I was expecting it to be, giving a very tense performance at several points – review up/coming soon.  After the cinema I headed home for the Apprentice – sadly seeing my sweepstake entry leaving the process.  Oh well, there’s always next time.


Nothing much happened on Thursday.  I headed into work, had a long quiet day – I almost fell asleep at one point… and then head home, got changed and headed back out to town to meet Keith and Ben.  We had a nice curry and general chit-chat but was still feeling knackered so headed off early.  Once home it was off to bed I went.


Friday was a bit of a boring day.  I headed into work, popped out for a quick pint afterwards and then headed home.  There I just chilled watching some bits of the TV and headed off to bed.


Saturday was a bit more active than Friday but not much.  I got up, got the washing and some jobs done and then played a bit of Portal 2 multiplayer with Michael – we managed to get the story mode finished and then tidied up a couple of the trophies that are left over from the story (one of which wasn’t fun due to the sheer precision it involved making it a pain to re-do when it went wrong…).  I then watched Dr Who and finished off the evening watching through some 30 Rock – a very funny show that I really need to write more about on here.


Sunday was another quiet day, after the usual Sunday morning drill I realised I had no essentials in the house when it came to food so had to head out to the local shops – never fun on a Sunday morning.  Still I got the bits I needed, came back and spent the afternoon watching through 30 Rock and playing a bit more Portal 2.  Later in the day I had a nice catch up with the Phil(l)s, did the bins, and then read for a bit before heading off to bed.  Not very exciting I know.

And that is the week that was.


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