That Is The Week That Was


It was a bit of a funny week last week so somewhat late with this… Sorry!


Work was its usual self.  Nothing really special happened.  Then I headed home and out to the station to meet up with a friend who needed to get some work done to finish off their degree.  Apparently there were too many distractions at home so they came down to stay with me for a bit.  That evening we headed up to Asda to get some food and then headed back and chilled watching a couple of episodes of Coupling.


Tuesday was another standard day at work.  There wasn’t really anything big or important going on just a standard day.  I headed home to find that friend had procrastinated by tidying up the house instead and while I am appreciative it means that I’ve spent most the week trying to find things as they weren’t where I would’ve put them…  In the evening we headed out to the local cinema to meet up with some friends from work to go and see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film.  Thoughts on that are already online.  After this we called in on my parents on the way home to pick up my spare key and then a bit more chilling with some Coupling (friend had never seen this before).


Wednesday & Thursday were more of the same – nothing exciting at work, then heading home and getting friend to work.  Nothing much to report.


Friday was a deadline day for my friend so they came in with me in the morning and headed off to get a pile of papers signed off.  After a really quiet morning and then a hectic afternoon at work I headed off out to the pub with some guys from the office and had a nice couple of pints before friend joined us and we headed back to mine.  We stopped there for a cup of tea and then headed out with Michael to the local Chiqutos for a bit of dinner before heading home and generally relaxing with a  couple of silly drinking games.


Saturday was a bit work day for my friend – I got them sat down and going and then spent my day just getting some off jobs done around the house.  After Dr Who (kinda saw that one coming…) in the evening we popped out to Asda and then made a light dinner before sending friend back to the grindstone.


Sunday saw the continuation of the push for friend to get work done.  I spent the day watching a couple of films and a bit of TV.  Nothing majorly exciting really.

And that is the week that was (sorry it’s late!)



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