That Is The Week That Was


On Monday friend was still around and giving the final push to get work finished off.  The deadline was Tuesday so was a big push of work.  I managed to get caught up with a couple of photos I hadn’t uploaded yet and then spent the rest of the day watching a bit of 30 Rock and some films – will a film.  Nothing else much happened on Monday.


It was a bit of rushed start to get to work due to my friend needing to come in with me to get  the train back and then running a tad late in the morning.  Once I made it to the office the day was a long one which dragged out, not the best of days though I don’t know if it didn’t help that I was feeling tired so lots of tea was drunk to get through the day.  After work I headed home and then turned around pretty much straight away to go and see Thor with Shaun – we’ve been trying to get him to see this for ages so it would good that our timetables finally coincided.  After the film I dropped Shaun home and then headed back myself, had a quick chat with Tom and Cliff on the phone and then watched the days episode of Come Dine With Me – well I say watched it’s coming from Medway this week so was more cringed my way through… – I then watched a couple of episodes of 30 Rock before heading off to bed.


Despite feeling that I’d slept well the night before Wednesday was another long day at work.  I don’t know why but when I got back in the afternoon it just really seemed to drag and take a long time.  Then when I got in after work I ended up dozing off, so decided if I was feeling that tired the gym would be a bad idea.  Rewinding a bit, the day was a standard one, busy in the morning, quieter in the afternoon.  At lunch I had a nice walk with Julie just going through some of the back streets to get to the local Sainsbury’s for a shop (turns out this is in a completely different place to where I thought it was!).  After work I headed home, slept and then chilled for a bit watching some more 30 Rock and the Apprentice.  When this had finished I head off to bed to try and get a decent nights sleep again.


Thursday was another busy day at work – I managed to get all the jobs I needed to do done, so that I could be ready for a long weekend though this got a bit tight at times.  After work I headed home and then out again to go and see Kung Fu Panda 2 with Matt.  This was good fun and my thoughts have already gone online here.  After the film I headed home via the parents back home and then chilled into the evening.


Friday was a day off so nice and chilled, I had a bit of a lie-in, got caught up with some jobs I needed to do around the house and managed to watch a bit of tv.  After dinner I headed out to see a local production of Allo Allo which was being done by the local am dram who I’ve had dealings with in the past – it was a good show though the accents got a bit wonky at points, still it was a good laugh.  It was a bit strange as it was being put on at my old primary school so it was strange to see the old hall looking vaguely the same but a lot smaller!  After the show I headed home, packed up for the weekend and headed off to bed.


Saturday was an early start to head up to Colchester for the Summer Beer Festival.  I got a good early start though due to the bus being late I missed my train and had to sit around on the platform a bit to get the next one – strangely this only lead to a difference of about 20 minutes in the overall journey arrival time it was still very annoying – thanks Arriva.

Still on arrival at Colchester I dumped my bags at Toms, quickly changed my t-shirt and we headed out to the castle park for the annual medieval fayre.  This was nice to have a wander around with displays of archery, falconry and fencing taking place alongside stalls selling a variety of wares – I tried some chilli schnapps which was a tad hot, and got some very nice beef and mead jerky.  After wandering around a bit we headed up the arts centre and joined the Phil(l)s, Dan and Ali for some hog roast (mmmmm) and beer (mmmmm).  It was good fun – unfortunately there’s not going to be any beer reviews as I somewhat lost track of what I was drinking…  Any-hoo.  About 7ish we headed off for a curry at the Ashiana – which was it’s usual fine standard and then back to tops for a game of Russian roulette involving chillies (also brought at the fayre) and bit of a chill (though I must admit by this time I was feeling fairly knackered and may have fallen asleep).


Sunday was a chilled day – though I slept terribly as my Hayfever was playing up.  We got up, had some bacon sarnies and then madea  bit of a paella for lunch.  In the afternoon we watched Goodnight Mr Tom which was on the telly.  After this Dan and Ali headed off back to Norwich, but as I had the day off on Monday I stuck around with Tom for a bit watching a bit of random TV and Little Miss Sunshine – a very amusing little film – in the evening.  We then watched a bit of the comedy stuff on Dave before calling it a night – it was good to be able to catch up and have a sit down for a while.

And that is the week that was.


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