That Is The Week That Was


Monday was a nice lazy start, with some scrambled eggs for breakfast accompanied with some Last of the Summer Wine (before Tom got up I was finally able to catch up with Dr Who too!).  I then headed to get the train about lunchtime and managed to get a good time on the journey home – it was quite amusing when the bus I was on overtook the one it was supposed to be following (and had left 30 minutes earlier).  I got back and got a couple of jobs done before finding that by moving the carrot  grow bag I’d created carnage on the patio – it had been caught in a point where the gutter leaks so the downpour had washed the soil out through the inspection hole in the side.  I salvaged what I could but it looks like half the carrots are gone…  Still the potatoes are doing well and lessons have been learned!  I then headed back into town to meet with Julie for a bit of food and drink – we were supposed to be getting a team for the local pub quiz but as only two of us turned up we just had a bit of dinner, a couple of drinks and a chat instead.  About 9ish I headed home, watched some TV – new Game of Thrones was fantastic and headed up to bed.


Tuesday was back to work after a long week.  I was on a late shift so it gave a bit more of a break in the morning, though I was also on remote faults which can be a bit of a pain.  Fortunatly the queue wasn’t that busy and I was able to get back on top of things fairly quickly and painlessly.  After work had finished I headed home and then out to the gym, I started something called Coach to 5K – the idea of this is that you can build up to a 5K straight jog in about 9 weeks, training 3 times a week, I was on my first session but found that it went really well, it was tough but not too tough, so hopefully there should be good signs of improvement over the upcoming weeks.  After my gym session done I showered up and headed off to Asda for a quick shop before heading home and chilling in front of the telly.


Wednesday was work as usual, then I headed home, got myself sorted and wrapped up a couple of presents as it was my sisters Birthday.  I had a spare 5 minutes so had a bit of fun wrapping up the present to make it more interesting for her – photos to the side, and then watched some 30 Rock whilst waiting for my parents to grab me.  We went down to the Limehouse in Rochester which was really good food and it was nice to see my brother and his girlfriend joining us as well.  After the meal we headed back home, and I sorted out some chopped carrots for the next day, watched some more 30 Rock and headed off to bed.


Thursday was a standard day at work, though it was followed by a really interesting talk on computer security provided by the British Computer Society.  This was looking at the human side of security and how this can lead to big problems intentionally and unintentionally and was really fascinating.  After this I headed home out and to the gym for a run before heading back and catching up with the Apprentice before bed.


Fridays work was the usual beast – there wasn’t anything especially unusual or strange going on, and the day just passed on through.  After  work a group of us headed out to the pub for a quick chill to welcome the weekend which was good fun – though does appear to have signed me up for a couple of things that I wasn’t expecting to be doing over the next week – more on those of course will be appearing next week in this post.  After the pub I headed home, had some food and watched a bit of TV.


I got off to an early start on Saturday morning, dragging myself out of bed and going for a run.  This was surprisingly easier than I expected it to be (though at points it was harder too).  In the end I managed to jog 3.5KM in about 30 minutes (I’m following the Coach to 5K program so for the first week it’s been more walking than jogging but the amounts are slowly levelling out…) after this run I collapsed on the sofa, watched a bit of TV before showering off and making some lunch and then having a chilled afternoon – though at one point I had to pop over to my parents to help my sister setup her new TV.  This done it was back to mine for a chilled evening watching a couple of films and a bit more TV.


Sunday was an early start again – Shaun and Lee were due to come over for lunch so I had a quick tidy up and as I was cooking Fajita’s I got the peppers chopped and then went to meet Lee in Maidstone.  We headed back to mine, and watched a couple of trailers and bits whilst waiting for Shaun to arrive, before having a general discussion on life, cooking some dinner with some very good grating by Shaun (if he ever tells you he can’t do it ignore him!) and then settled down to some dinner with Kung Fu Panda (which Shaun had somehow never seen).  After the film Shaun and Lee headed off and I took the time to get some photos sorted out (you can see the photo post for the Colchester Medieval fayre here) before watching a bit more 30 Rock, sorting the bins and heading off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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