That Is The Week That Was


Monday was back to work after a quiet weekend – and I was on the early duty shift which is always a shock to the system.  Still nothing that exciting was going on and it was a fairly quiet day.  After work I headed home and cooked a bit of a stir fry for dinner, then Julie popped up for a bit of food and we then headed out on a bit of a night out to try something new at a local sports centre.  Intentionally keeping what was going on under my hat for the moment but we on arrival we met up with a couple of other work colleagues and it was all fantastic fun – fully intending to go back for more!  This also meant a latish night but it was worth it.


Tuesday was a planned day off to go and see a robotics exhibition at the local dockyard.  I was supposed to be meeting up with a friend at 12 so rushed off to the gym, had a bit of a run, and then realising I was running late, texted my friend to advise I was on my way.  I got to the station, and waited, and phoned to see where he was, and finally got a text asking if we could postpone meeting till 1:30 has he’d been caught up in something.  I wasn’t very impressed and pointed out if that message had been sent 20 minutes before I would’ve been able to get some needed jobs done at home.  So I headed off to a local shopping centre to get some lunch and we eventually managed to meet up.  The exhibition was good, but wasn’t great – it was mainly film/TV robots, and in the majority of cases they were replicas, rather than the original props etc which was a bit disappointing.  Still it was good to have a wander around, and it’s always nice to have a look around the dockyard.  After this we headed back to mine via Asda, and my friend played a bit of Portal 2 whilst I freshened up.  We drove down to Maidstone to meet up with another friend, have some dinner, and I found that I had to leave really early due to feeling completely out of it.  In the end I got in and collapsed on the sofa, falling asleep there for an hour before dragging myself up off to bed.  It was still a bad night with my Hayfever waking me up at several times, and being faced with nothing better to do than to sit and read, before finally trying to sleep with a Vicks inhaler stuck up my nose… Not the best nights sleep I’ve ever had.


It was hard getting up on Wednesday morning, though I managed to drag myself out of bed and get going it wasn’t the best start I’ve had to the day.  It was back to work as normal, and my friend brought in his new Kindle to demonstrate it – I must admit I was quite impressed by this and it’s inspired me to investigate them further – it was much better than I expected it to be (though I didn’t like some of the buttons).  After work I headed home and just had a chilled evening, catching up with Game of Thrones (an outstanding episode even though the end had already been accidentally spoiled) and watching the Apprentice before heading off to bed – fortunately for a much better nights sleep than the night previously!


Thursday was a standard day at work really – nothing that exciting happened.  I was on the Duty shift in the afternoon which was quieter than a graveyard.  After work I headed home and out to the gym.  I pushed myself a bit but got a good run – with another speed increase which is always good, before popping into Asda and heading home.


Friday was a strange day really when it came to work.  I got in late but then sloped off early – partially as we had a meeting in the afternoon and after that there didn’t really seem like anything else to do and I had some flexi-time that I could use anyway.  After work we headed out to the pub which was great fun as there was a good group of us this week.  So I stuck around and had a couple of drinks before heading home to take the days Project 365 photo, and then heading out to the cinema with Lee to see X-Men:First Class – this was really good and a review will appear when I’ve had the chance to write it!  After the film I dropped Lee home and headed back myself heading off to bed.


Saturday was a lazier day then planned, I got up and went for a morning run, then headed home, rested up a bit, and then tried to get on with some garden jobs.  The only problem was that every time I tried to get outside to do some garden work it would start to rain!  So I ended up reading my book, watching a bit of TV, trying to watch a film, and just generally having a lazy day.   Ended up finishing the day watching The Incredibles – I’d forgotten what a incredible film this was – a really fantastic viewing experience.


On Sunday I popped down to Rochester to meet with my work colleague Julie – she’d expressed an interest in going to the Quaker service and I’d agreed to come along with her.  The service was certainly interesting but it wasn’t really my kind of thing.  There just seemed to be something missing.  After the service we had a quick walk through the farmers market and then I headed up to my parents to join them and my sister for dinner to celebrate Fathers day – which was very nice, though I couldn’t for the life of me remember where we went!  I then headed home, got a couple of odd jobs done and watched a bit of TV before bed.

And that is the week that was.

PS – it has been pointed out that I neglected to mention watching Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace – it was a somewhat strange vision, which was very well made as a spoof of 70/80s shows.  Certainly I’m going to need to watch some more of it to fully get my head around it!


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