Photo Post – Chatham Dockyard Robot Exhibition

I’m afraid it’s taken me ages to get the photos for this sorted out, sorry about that, it means that the exhbibition is now closed (I only got there in the last week) – still I thought I managed to get a couple of good shots.  There’s a couple (especially Stripped Robosapian or Skeletal Robot) where Ifound that by turning patches of the photo monochrome to cut out extra background colour it really draws your focus to the robot at the centre of the picture.

CloudsCrane DetailsModel ShipRobot BabyPeeking OutUnder ScrutinitySontaranBattle Droid EncounterStripped RobosapienSkeletal RobotTerminator HeadChest BursterSkeletal Robot RearAnchor ChainHoliday SnapVintage Holiday SnapRigging PreparationOcelotComms TowerRotorCranes In LoveCrane Detail


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