That Is The Week That Was

Sorry this is late – been a hectic couple of days meaning I’m slightly behind…


Monday was the first day of a week on an early shift so not the best of days but by no means the worst.  Work was the usual beast and I had a nice wander around in town at lunch with Lee (though I seemed to keep running off to talk to other people).  After work I headed back to my place with Lee (stopping at his so he could get changed, grab his camera whilst I played with the dogs [three spaniels – lovely creatures] and met his mum).  We then raced back to mine, got some food, met up with Luke and Natalie and headed up to the Courthouse in Dartford to see Shaun’s band Left of the Right Side play in the Battle of the Bands final.  Of the four bands Left of the Right Side were one of the best acts (the last band Burgandy, who were there as guests – we also good but somewhat loud!) and they gave a really fantastic performance even if the acoustics of the pub weren’t great.  They won the competition and it was a deserved win too though I have now been left with 600 odd photos to sort through.  We then headed back to Medway, and I dropped Lee home before driving home and to bed.


It was one of those mornings where bed seemed more appealing – but I think that’s the side effect of 6 hours sleep.  I got myself to work and it was a fairly quiet day.  Nothing much really happened beyond the standard joking around and innuendos whilst fixing the calls though the day seemed to pass really slowly.  After work I called in at my parents as my Dad had been under with a dental anaesthetic so needed someone to keep an eye on him (though I admit I may have fallen asleep on the sofa).  After my mum got home, I headed home and then out again to the gym for the first session of Coach to 5K week three – this is where things have really started to push and wasn’t the funnest run I’ve had, still I managed to get through and it certainly didn’t feel like half an hour on the treadmill.  I then headed home and worked through the photos from the gig on Monday – generally tidying them up, deleting the awful ones, tweaking the good ones, getting them ready to upload to Flickr (photo post here).  This took me up too and beyond bedtime so I got em sorted  but left them and headed off to bed.


Wednesday was the only quiet day that I had in the week so didn’t do too much.  I headed to work as normal and then headed back and chilled watching a bit of TV and the Apprentice (which got me so riled I was yelling at the TV – but that’s a whole other matter).


Nothing really exciting happened at work on Thursday.  We headed into town for a BK for lunch and as I wasn’t eating (I’d already had a healthier lunch of soup) I somehow ended up with a super-sized drink, which had the strange effect of making me feel small when holding it rather than it appearing big.  Then after work I got changed, moved the car into a parking spot closer to town and met up with some people from work for some drinks and food.  We had a good time and then went out for a bit to try and better ourselves as well but more on that at a later point.


Friday was a day I had been waiting for – it had seemed to be a really long week, much longer than normal.  Still work was chilled with nothing major going on, and then we had a nice pub trip after work – to be honest this was rather extended (thanks to part to my first Jagerbomb), with one pub changing to another and then onto a club for a bit as well.  If I’m honest it’s been years since I stayed out past closing time but found myself doing this and having a great time as it happened.  In the end I got to bed at 4 after a rather expensive taxi ride home…


Saturday was a bit of a later start than I’d intended but only by about half an hour.  I got up, got sorted and headed out to the station to get the train up to Colchester.  It was a good journey and I arrived to have a nice chat with Tom looking at some destinations for an upcoming holiday.  We then ended up watching Never Say Never Again which was on the telly (well I dozed at points) and having some dinner before heading out to see Dinnerladies at the local theatre.  It was a really good show –really capturing the feel of the TV show with the  cast all playing their characters well, the lead actress doing a fantastic job of being Victoria Wood from the TV show.  After this we popped out to a couple of pubs (though I don’t remember much of this as I’d really crashed by this point from the previous night) before heading back and off to sleep.


Sunday was a lazy start, though after a slight lie-in I hopped up and went out for my morning run which went really well – despite me getting lost at one point of it…  This added an extra half kilometre to it so nothing major, and showed some areas of Colchester I’d never seen before which was nice.  I then headed with Tom and Cliff to the food and drink festival, stopping to say hi to Heather on the way quickly.  The festival was good fun having a wander around and sampling the different wares available – there was a good range and I also got some really nice photos – coming online when I’ve finished sorting them.  After the festival we headed back to Toms (with a nice walk through Castle Park) before going down to Chapel to Cliff’s parent’s for a BBQ on a gorgeous summers evening.  This was followed by “ragging” strolling through a field looking for ragwort a week that’s bad for horses which they can’t smell to avoid when included in hay, and it was a really lovely evening for it – though it didn’t half cause problems with my hayfever! My nose was streaming!  Still it was a really lovely evening and gorgeous weather.

And that is the week that was.


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