That Is The Week That Was


Monday wasn’t the greatest start – I slept very badly as the Hayfever seemed to strike with a vengeance – going so far as to trigger the asthma type symptoms it can occasionally pull out with itself.  Unfortunately I’d left my pump in Kent whilst I was in Colchester so this didn’t lead to the most comfortable start.  Still I got myself packed up and headed out to the station to find I’d missed my train.  I waited for the next one and headed towards London, to find that due to a fire at Forest Gate all trains were being held at Chelmsford.  I hopped off and grabbed some lunch before finally being able to head back on my way home.  On getting there I found it utterly swelteringly hot, so agreed with the people I was due to be meeting that evening to hold off our meeting to Thursday.  I ended up getting to work on some photos I’d taken at the Robot Exhibition (photo post here) which I thought came out really well and getting a start on the photos from the weekend, before heading off to bed.


Tuesday was a bit of a later start than intended – but it was the first day back after a long weekend so I think in a way this could be expected.  Work was the usual – we had a new crisis with our remote working software to get used too, and I ended up covering the Duty Manager position in the afternoon which got a bit crazy when a storm hit Kent a caused a couple of different problems.  After work I headed home and then out to the gym – I had a good workout then was sweating like a pig at the end of it – before popping to Asda to restock the fridge and heading home to bed.


Wednesday was an intentionally late start which was nice as it meant I got a bit of a lie-in.  Work was the usual beast with nothing that exciting happening.  After work I headed down to Ashford with Lee to meet John and Oli to go and see the new Transformers film – thoughts on this to come up at some point (spoiler – not good).  After the film we headed back to find the craziest set of roadworks I think I’ve had the misfortune to ever encounter – it seemed that they were constantly redirecting you into a big loop so had to step up and take the Sat Nav for the journey home instead – which would normally be ok but the Sat nav seemed to get lost so we got taken back through this range of strange country lanes before finally getting somewhere I recognised – all in all a 20 minute journey took 45 minutes – not fun!


Thursday was another late start – though not planned as one so much.  It was a horrendous morning with everything going wrong in the office meaning I was barely able to touch my calls, it didn’t help that I had a couple of meetings as well to keep things interesting, still things finally became manageable and things calmed down.  In the afternoon we had a team meeting which was good to see what everyone was doing, and also provided some nice breathing time before heading back to the office. Once back it was finishing dealing with the queue before heading out to move the car and coming back into town – the evening was fun – I ended up in demand with a  room full of women, there’s a first for everything – but more on that at some other point.


Friday was a relatively quiet day in the office.  Though by the end of the afternoon the combination of covering the phones for First Line and the ongoing issues made things get a bit more manic it was all manageable and we all managed to slope off to the pub at a decent time.  This was a quite a nice trip – bumping into a friend from a different office  so joining them and some colleagues for a few drinks, before heading out for a curry buffet (the Phall sauce was disappointingly mild) before back to the pub and home to bed – not a hugely late night again but still fun.


Saturday wasn’t so much fun – I got a good early start and went for a morning run – finally broke through 4k barrier (if only by about 2 metres it’s still good psychologically).  The big news which came from Friday and sunk in on Saturday is that I am confirmed a spot in the London Marathon so going to have to start training for this a bit more seriously.  After I finished my run, I came home, caught up with the Apprentice, and then went out to mow the lawn.  Due to all the wet weather and the weekends away I’ve been having this had got a bit unruly and wasn’t a fun thing to mow down – it especially didn’t help out with my hay fever leaving me suffering for much the rest of the weekend and triggering asthma style attacks.  I took the opportunity to get out of there when I could and popped into town with Michael to pick up some photo frames and just generally have an amble, before heading home, watching a film and heading off to bed.


Sunday was another bad start – I hadn’t slept well due to hay fever related issues.  I then found that I was sleeping throughout most my alarms and through the morning – hate it when things go like this!  When I was finally up I got to work on a computer I had some fixing to do on, backing up it’s files and rebuilding it to try and restore it to functionality – this was a fairly simple job though it took a while to get all the corrupted files out the way and to try and recover all the extra files that were possibly corrupted potentially leading to further issues.  With this done, I had a nice phone call with Rob, watched Top Gear and headed off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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