That Is The Week That Was


Monday I headed into work – aiming to get in early but it not quite working out that way… Apart from that it was a generally quiet day, I stayed late in the office, headed home and then watched The Living Daylights (very good film that) before heading off to bed.


Once again it was back to work on Tuesday – though I was able to get in a lot earlier than the day before.  Nothing majorly exciting happened in the day really.  After work I headed home via the shops, and then out to the Gym.  This was a hard workout – not really helped by the app I use deciding to stop working with no warning.  Still I survived but I know it’s going to get harder – still got to keep pushing forward!  After the gym I headed home and off to bed.


Wednesday was another quietish day in the office – I ended up getting a bit confused as to what day it was so kept going to meetings day early which was a bit embarrassing.  After work I headed home and had a chill before the Apprentice came on.  Not much else to add.


Thursday was a  nice late start – the morning was fairly quiet at work and then I had a nice lunch in town with Chris, Lee and Shaun.  After this I had to race around a bit of as had a team meeting with half the team out of the office – including all the fire wardens.  As fire controller I’m supposed to arrange cover for this and only found out 10 minutes before the meeting that everyone was out – still I managed to get cover sorted and we the meeting then had some interesting points.  After the meeting I headed back to the office for half an hour before heading to the car and back into town to meet Keith and Ben for a curry.  This was a nice chilled evening though I had to leave early to meet Michael to get some bits cut – more on that later.  After this was sorted I headed home and to bed.


Friday was a chilled day in the office – we had some fun with distorted Jelly Babies – they now sit on a Rubiks cube looking distorted – and had a nice time in the pub after work (nothing exciting happened, just a few drinks and bits).  After this I headed home to take the days photo which turned out to be slightly more complicated than I had expected it to be – see here – before heading off to bed.


Saturday wasn’t a good day for travelling or moving really.  I got up and started the day with a morning run, only to be hit with a hayfever attack half-way round meaning I had to walk back to my house and the medicine I needed to get my breathing back under control.  Once breathing normally I had a shower, popped out to get the odd bit of supplies, and headed back home for lunch before starting to drive up to Norwich via Colchester.  This wasn’t a good trip – with a crash outside of Chelmsford leaving me stuck in a traffic jam for about an hour and half before having to return to the previous junction (going the wrong way down a dual carriageway was a bit strange) and then through Chelmsford to get onwards – sounds easy enough right?  Well it would be if there hadn’t been a JLS concert in Chelmsford that day so I was further delayed.  In the end I’d left at 1;45, and arrive at 5:30 – a trip that normally takes around an hour!!  Once in Colchester, I grabbed a drink with Tom and Cliff, before bundling them into the car, picking up Laura and heading off to Norwich – this was a much nicer drive with clear roads and little to no traffic meaning we were able to really lfy along and get to Dan and Ali’s not too late.  Once there we found they had the BBQ with food cooking and a warm welcome.  It was a lovely evening and really nice to catch up with Dan and Ali whilst seeing their new house.  The only downside I found was later in evening when we were playing some silly trivia based games (which were actually quite interesting) I found one of the other guests (no names mentioned) being very negative/rude.  Nothing was of interest to them and they say there and complained – in the end after several attempts to ask them what they wanted to do not getting anywhere I somewhat flipped with them and got accused of being rude – not sure if they saw the point I was trying to make but everyone else seemed to have a good time and this was just a minor hiccup on the evening.


I was in a way dreading the drive back at the start of Sunday morning given the hassles of the previous day.  We got up, had a chill and some bacon sarnies before starting to head back towards Colchester to get Tom back in time for work.  We had a quick stop on the way at a Chilli farm to sample the wares (got some lovely sauce) and dropped Tom and Laura back around the uni campus in their respective locations.  I then popped back with Cliff to Tom’s flat and then dropped her off at Mark’s Tey station.  The rest of the drive home went swimmingly with only a minor delay at Dartford due to tolls.  Once in I had a bit of a chill time and watched some TV.  Nothing exciting to talk about really before heading off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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