That Is The Week That Was

Terribly late this week…. Sorry!


Nothing much happened Monday – was on the late shift at work so that was a bit of a long/boring day.  After work headed out with some work colleagues and had a nice evening though once again wasn’t out too late.  Then home via Michael’s to pick up some labels he’d kindly cut for be before heading off to bed.


Tuesday was another long quietish day.  Work had nothing really exciting happened.  Then after work I headed home, had a really good run in the gym, and then popped to Asda – where I bumped into my friend Maureen.  I helped her get her shopping done and then headed home and pretty much to bed.


Wednesday was another quietish day.  It was a strange lunch – there is an exhibition being held of some staff photos so I took some of my pictures over for display.  It was quite strange handing them over – like we’d never see them again – the exhibition opens on Friday however so the plan at the time of writing (Thursday) is to go and see them then.  After work I headed home, had some dinner and go cooking to get some cakes ready to take into the office for my birthday on Friday.  I was able to get the cake made really easily – annoyingly I managed to mis-calculate on one ingredient so only had enough to make one of the two cakes I intended to make – still there’s time to make the other.  Cakes made, I watched the Apprentice (another great episode) and headed off to bed.


Thursday was work as normal – nothing much exciting going on before heading home and getting on with baking the second on my two cakes.   These both came out well and I had the toppings finished in time to settle down and watch the new episode of Torchwood.  This looks like it’s going to have an interesting concept but needs to settle down and get itself going a bit before I think it’s safe to pass a real judgement on it.  It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.  After the show had finished I headed off to bed.


Friday was an exceptionally early start – I had to get up to get the days photo taken and sorted before leaving for work – it was my birthday so we were going out afterwards and I doubted that I’d be back that early.  In the end it turned out to be a dream photo so I was able to cheat and take/edit up the dream part of the photo the night before so I just had to do the sleeping robots background to go with it – I know this is a bit of a cheat but it saved about 15 minutes sleep so I’ll live with it!  I got a lift to the Park and Ride with my Dad and then headed into the office to find a desk that had been decorated with various figures from Wall-E (thanks John, Oli and Shaun!) I then disappointed everyone by being able name all the slightly more obscure characters…  The cakes seemed to go down well and at lunchtime we headed over the road to see our photos being displayed in an exhibition to find that they were still putting out the photos which was a bit disappointing.  This was followed with a quick trip to Chunkies before back to the office for the afternoon.  After work we headed down to the pub and had a jolly old time and tried a couple of odd combinations – such as a Guinness shandy – tastes like a light version of Guinness.  We had a lovely dinner out in Wildwood before heading back to the pub, and another pub, and a club and finally a taxi home about 3:30 in the morning.  Bed followed very swiftly.


Saturday was a quieter day.  I had a bit of a lie in and then met up with my parents to go into town and get my mum a sim card for her new phone.  We then headed back via Wicks to pick up some loft boarding (part of my birthday present) and then headed home.  Once home I had a nap, watched a bit of TV and hung some pictures up on the wall.  Nothing majorly exciting just a quiet evening really.


Sunday was the day when I tried to do my road run, it was better than the time before (I took my inhaler with me) but I still struggled – I think it’s partially down the largely uphill nature of the route – it’s not that steep but is a constant uphill which isnt’ fun to try and run round – I’m thinking of changing my running scheme to try and build more endurance here, whilst carrying on through coach to 5K whilst at the gym to hopefully get a bit more balance (and feeling less demotivated when I can’t finish the run).  After the run I had a chilled afternoon – watching a bit of TV and having a nap.  Nothing really exciting to talk about – except that I found the Apprentice finale a bit bland.  I’d have preferred to see them do a task rather than the interviews which felt a bit stale.

And that is the week that was.


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