That Is The Week That Was


Monday started as a quiet day in the office but got a bit more interesting as I was asked to go and help out the Area team.  This got me out of the office and having a look into a range of different printer and hardware problems which provided a nice change to the normal daily routine.  It also meant a fair bit of exercise given the number of stairs there are in the main building so it was good exercise too!  After work I headed home and then out for a run at the gym followed by an Asda shop – nothing exciting, then off to bed.


Tuesday was another day out with the Area team – getting to grips with printers and generally having an interesting and educational day.  After work I headed home, grabbed some food and then picked up my sister to meet Shaun to see the new Harry Potter film.  This was very good and more thoughts will appear soon.  After the film I dropped my sister home, helped my mum with her new iPhone a bit, and headed home off to bed.


Work was it’s usual self of Wednesday with nothing exciting to write about.  Afterwards I headed home, then out to the gym for a good run, before coming back and not watching the Apprentice.  Nothing really exciting going on really.


Thursday was a normal day at work – with a late start which was nice, though I had to do some racing around as I forgot to bring a change of clothes I needed from home so had to pop home to grab these before heading back to town and joining the guys for dinner and bits.  It was a really good evening and I certainly gained a new level of confidence in a couple of things we were doing – was even asked to demonstrate at one point!  It was then home and off to bed after a really fun evening.


Friday was another long quiet day at work – nothing much special happened but was on lates so this lead to a quiet final half hour.  After work we popped out to the pub for a bit, starting at the Wetherspoons bar round the corner before moving onto a lovely little pub called the Flowerpot which was a short walk away.  This was lovely with a great range of beer and a lovely atmosphere. After the pub it was home and bed.


Saturday was a much earlier start than I would’ve liked but I was getting up to pick up my Dad to go and get the car sorted.  You may ore may not know that my car was involved in a bit of a bump recently which left the bumper in a bit of a state.  Well we took this off, got it resembled and re-attached meaning the car looks like new (the lack of gaffer tape helps!).  This done I dropped my Dad back and headed home for a quiet afternoon watching a bit of TV and having a nap, before a lazy evening and bed.


Sunday was another early start to be up and ready for my parents to pick me up to go to my cousins 18th birthday party.  They were running a bit late but we got on the way and had a good drive – nothing eventful, and I just got on reading my book.  We arrived to find ourselves later than expected with a lovely BBQ in front of us.  We had a lovely time sitting in the sunny garden (my arms are now seriously sun burnt) and catching up with family (especially lovely to see Great Uncle Bert!) before heading off at 5ish.  We then drove over to Luton to drop my parents at the airport (their away for a week) and my sister and I then drove home (via KFC for dinner on the way.  Nothing that exciting happened and on getting in it was straight to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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