Strange Things

As I sit here and write this I’ve just finished a mug of Kopi Luwek coffee.  You may have heard of it – it’s also known as Civet Coffee and is generally held as the best (or rarest) coffee in the world.  You see Kopi Luwek is made in a somewhat interesting way.  It relies on a Sumatran Jungle cat (of the Civet family) to eat the choicest berries of the coffee bean growing bushes.  The flesh of these berries is digested in the normal manner before the stone AKA the coffee bean is then excreted and gathered.  These coffee beans are then gathered, cleaned, sterilised, ground etc to create what is supposed to be one of the nicest coffees in the world and also one of the rarest meaning that it’s not cheap (and I’m not joking about how it’s made – you can check the Wikipedia article here).  Fortunately I work in an office of adventurous people so the cost got shared.

So what’s this coffee (which has been affectionately coined cat-sh*t coffee actually taste like?  Well the taste is very smooth.  People have complained that its not actually bitter enough.  There’s a very nice nutty aftertaste and there’s hints of chocolate throughout as well.  All in all it’s very nice coffee – I’m not sure if quite justifies the cost, but it is a very nice brew and is worth giving a go – just so you can say you have.

Talking of giving things a go the Kopi Luwek coffee wasn’t the only thing we ordered.  We also got a different type of chocolate.  Bacon chocolate.  Yep someone has looked at two of the greatest foodstuffs on the planet – bacon and chocolate and thought “I wonder if these will go together?”  The result to be honest is really strange.  It’s salty and when you encounter a piece of bacon it can be a bit of a surprise to the tastebuds, but at the same time it doesn’t taste bad.  To be honest it’s such a different flavour I can’t think of anything quite to compare it too.  Its just really different.  If I’m honest it’s met some strong reactions to the negative in the office – lots of people don’t like it, but others are like myself, and find it strange.  No-ones come to me and told me how gorgeous it is to counter balance the haters – maybe this is something that will change with time.

So two interesting flavours.  Two new taste sensations that I’d certainly recommend giving a go if you get the chance – partially as I don’t think you’ll ever get the change to taste them again!


3 thoughts on “Strange Things

  1. “There’s a very nice nutty aftertaste and there’s hints of chocolate throughout as well.”

    Are you *sure* that was chocolate?? 😉

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