That Is The Week That Was


Work, then gym, then Asda, then home, then bed.  Not a very exciting day.


Work, then after work I headed to the pub.  It was a delight to discover that Adnams Broadside was back on the pumps – always a treat, and I had a nice sit-down with Nick discussing various films before Keith and Ben turned up for dinner.  It was a nice dinner with some strange conversation topics coming up.  After dinner I headed home and off to bed.


Work, then gym.  The gym was a good session but also really hard – it was the first real session where it was running for a long period (20 minutes) with no breaks at a slower pace.  I managed to go for a whole 20 minutes though I didn’t get the breathing right (partially as my nose felt blocked for the whole time) so this lead to a  bit of a struggle throughout the run.  Still plenty of progress to be made – but on the plus side I couldn’t have done what I did Wednesday night 4 weeks ago…  After the gym I headed home, caught up with a bit of Top Gear and headed off to bed.


Thursday was a fun day.  Work was the usual beast but I managed to get a bit of a later start so had it was nice and chilled before heading out with some guys from the office for dinner after work.  We headed off to the local Wetherspoons with Ju, Jack, Nick and Cinders for a couple of lessons in how to play poker, a couple of drinks and dinner.  It was all really good and followed by a dizzingly good fun evening with a couple of new faces and a very tired Alex when it came to going to bed (though disappointingly I had to leave a lot earlier than I wanted too due to a Friday early shift).


Friday was an early start for the early duty at work – not the most fun as it was a long quiet morning.  Lunch was nice though as I headed out with Rob to try the new pizzeria in town – which was fantastic!  In the afternoon we then had a team meeting so more sitting around meaning I didn’t get many calls done at all.  After work we headed down to the pub for Jasons birthday which was a good laugh and I ended up being dragged off to Nandos for the first time – this was an experience – the food was nice and the spicy sauces certainly spicy!  From here it was back to the pub for a bit before home and bed.


Saturday was a slightly more lazy day – the idea was to try and recharge the batteries a bit over a quiet weekend after a busy week with some busy weeks ahead.  Saturday was good – I got up, had my run, came back and chilled watching a bit of TV and ended up digging up the potatoes I’ve been growing (the leaves were looking in a bad state so I thought I should get the fruit up before that too suffered).  It all came out well and they look good – I just need to figure out what to make with them!  The rest of the day was spent chilling watching TV, having a nap, nothing overly exciting – a rest day really!


Sunday was slightly less restive – I went over to Michael’s to meet with Lee, John, Oli and Rikku for a day of games and gaming.  The only problem was Rikku being 3/4  she was somewhat more energetic than me…  Still there were some great games played on a trampoline and playing hide and seek (with some fun places to hide) before a BBQ for lunch and more games in the afternoon (including a big game of Battlestar).  It was all fun and I felt exhausted by home time!  I dropped Lee back, headed home and went straight off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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