That Is The Week That Was


Was back to work for an early shift – it was one of those fustrating days where every customer you call seems to be out of the office so you end up with a pile of calls where you know everyone will try and phone you at the same time last thing on a Friday afternoon.  Still I had a lovely lunch with Alicja – possibly the most positive person I have ever met – it was in a nice little café and passed in a whirlwind but was a really nice re-energising time.  After work I headed home, then out again to the gym.  I had a good run – I came off the treadmill have sweated buckets but to find I was down about 1Kg of weight in two weeks.  After the gym I headed up to Asda, grabbed some food before home and watching a big of a Frasier and Futurama (All The Presidents Heads – possibly the funniest episode I’ve seen recently) before heading off to bed.


Tuesday was a long day.  I was in work for the early shift and when this finished I popped down the Flowerpot (amazing little local pub) with Lee, for a quick drink before getting the car and popping back to the office to grab Cinders.  We headed back to mine where we met up with Michael and drove up to Canterbury to see Left of the Right Side – my friend Shauns band – play, stopping on the way for a nice baguette in a little café.  It was a fantastic evening with the band giving a really good performance – though apparently they didn’t feel 100% this didn’t show and a good time was had by all.  We then headed home dropping Cinders and Lee back and then Michael popped back to mine for a night cap before I headed off to bed (much later than my usual time).


Wednesday was another reasonably quiet day at work – nothing much out the ordinary happened, everything continued to tick over.  After work I headed home, then out to the gym.  This was another hard run – two blocks of 10 minutes with a 3 minute walk break in the middle.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to complete the second 10 minute block but managed to get half-way through, at which point it became a 5 minute run which I know I can do easily so pushed through and was quite pleased with myself.  I then headed home and had a chill before heading off to bed. Early. To get as much sleep as I could.


Thursday was a longish day.  I was in work early, for a reasonably quiet day again.  I had a quick shopping trip into town at lunch and then fled the office as early as I could.  I had a couple of extra jobs to do in town before heading to the car and driving back to meet Jack, Ju, Cinders, Rob and Michael for a bit of dinner.  After dinner it was a fun evening – really gaining a lot of extra confidence now and feeling much more confident in myself in lessons and on the floor.  Getting quite chuffed to be honest though facing the prospect of intermediate classes is a bit scary!


Friday was a so-so day.  It wasn’t hugely busy in the office which was good as I’ve got quite a workload to get through, but it wasn’t quiet either.  Lunch was nice – walking into town with Shaun to get some burgers for the weekend (by a sheer bit of luck managed to get £17 worth of burgers for a fiver) and then when we called in for a Chunkies for lunch it was shown that we go there much to often when we didn’t need to order as the chap on the till wrote down what we wanted when he saw us.  After work I popped up to The Flowerpot with Matt (the more I go to that pub the more I like it) for a swift pint, before heading back to the car and home to meet with Dan and Ali.  They ended up being somewhat delayed was good for giving me a chance to tidy up a bit, though the plans to meet with people from work feel through.  We headed back to Maidstone and to the Flowerpot again, before moving on to the Argentinean Steak house in town for dinner – it was a good meal and a nice evening to have a chilled catch up with Dan and Ali.  After dinner we headed home, watched some Game of Thrones and headed off to bed.


Saturday was a manic day – though at the same time great fun.  We were up early to catch the first showing on Super 8 at the cinema that day – a really good film, I hope to get some more thoughts written up soon.  After this we headed back to mine, dropping me off at my parents to get my sister as she needed a tire to be changed.  My sister and I drove to the local garage where they do a staff discount to find this closed early on a Saturday, so it was back home, grabbing Dan and Ali, heading to another garage, getting the tire changed and off to the station to get up to London for Tom and Cliff’s joint birthday.  We hopped on the train and got on our way, getting halfway to London when the idea of checking what time our train is due in strikes us – we were due in at 3:40 – not a problem I thought, we had to get to Covent Garden for a show at 4:30… Turns out I was wrong, the show started at 4, so we had to race our way through the station/tube/Covent Garden – giving a good jog in the process and ironically running past the Official London Marathon store – and getting to the theatre with about three minutes to spare.  The show was the Woman In Black which was a creepily chilling this time as it was the first – how they manage to build up such a good atmosphere with such a small cast/minimalist set I don’t know but it remains fantastic to watch.  After the show we headed off to the London Porterhouse, for some drinks (and to meet up with the Phil(l)s and others), before moving onto Zizzi’s for a nice dinner and then hit another pub in Covent Garden for a night cap.  By then it was getting late so we went our separate ways, heading back to Victoria to get one of the last trains, trying to stay awake through the journey, and eventually getting in around 1:30 – straight to bed.


Sunday was a bit of a lazier start.  I had a bit of a lie-in, got some bits done around the house and waved off Dan and Ali.  I then arranged for my sister to come over to actually change the wheels on her car (we only did the tire the day before) and got popped out to get petrol/got bits ready to go out whilst waiting on her.  She arrived and we swapped a couple of the wheels around on her car, and put the new tired wheel on in place of the spare.  She then drove off happy and I headed down to Lee’s for a BBQ – where it turned out I was the cook!  This seemed a fun day, though I didn’t stay too late as I was A) exhausted, B) had a laptop to do some work on.  I headed home, sorted out the laptop and chilled watching some TV before heading to off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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