Project 365 Day 365 – Finale

Day 365 - Finale by ajwalters
Day 365 – Finale, a photo by ajwalters on Flickr.

Well that’s it. Its the end of Project 365. To be honest it’ll be quite nice not having to think through a photo to take every day!

To celebrate the end we’ve got together some of our favourite photos and put them in a collage – hope you enjoy.

This is Wall-E, Galaxy 4, and Galaxy 5 signing off…. For now…

3 thoughts on “Project 365 Day 365 – Finale

  1. WOOHOO!!!!

    Congrats Alex, have a beer on me – you deserve it!

    Well done on making it all 365 days. Can’t quite believe it’s been a whole year since starting. Wow. I’m not far behind you, only about 10 days, so watch this space. We should have a “Project 365 completion party” soon! 😉

  2. Achievement unlocked!

    I think my favourite ones were the “bot’s with a household object” series, like a kettle, remote control, beer bottle, mug and the like. All those assembled in a single post would be cool.

    Personally I had my hopes for a big shock finish on day 365. Something like the bots being attached to Chinese fireworks, microwaved, flushed, inserted, run over, or perhaps all of the above.

    I sense a whole load of extras and reject shots are still to come..

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