That Is The Week That Was


Monday started with a really manic duty shift – it was busy the whole morning up till lunch really.  Lunch was then a nice trip into town to find that Chunkies was doing my favourite special making it an easy choice for a change.  After work I headed home, and then out to the gym again.  This was the first week of my training routine where it’s solely a solid run (this time for 25 minutes) and I thought I did pretty well.  I wasn’t keen to do it again after I’d finished, but I managed to jog 25 minutes straight which is a lot more than I would say I’ve been able to do before so I’m keeping positive about it!  After the gym I headed home and chilled a bit before heading off to bed.


Tuesday turned into a bit more of a manic day that I expected it to be.  Work was its usual self with nothing too exciting going on, and then I headed straight from the office to the cinema to go and squeeze in the double bill of Cars 2 and Captain America (an interesting mix).  The films were good and it was nice to have a bit of a catch-up with Michael and Shaun between the films.  Afterwards it was home and bed.


Once again it was off to work for a standard day, then after work to the gym.  Once again it was a 25 minute run (it goes up to 28 minute next week) and annoyingly I can within 20 metres of reaching my 5km target.  Still – I’m building slowly (I started around 1.5KM) so I’m pleased with the progress, even though I’ve got a long way to go.  After the gym I called in at my parents to say hi and then headed home for a chill/bed.


Thursday was a bit of a later start – which was nice – as I was out after work it meant I was able to get in a bit later and have a lie-in in the morning.  Nothing majorly exciting happened at work and when this finished I popped out, moved the car, and headed off to Wetherspoons to meet Jackie before Ceroc.  Whilst I was waiting for her I bumped into Kenny, Pete, Cinders and Lara so ended up joining them for a bit of a drink before Jackie joined us for a bit of food and we headed onto Ceroc.  The lessons were good fun – we felt at the end of the beginners that we should be moving up so went to intermediate for the first time and while it was a harder lesson I felt I was getting two of the three moves by the end of it and managed to reinforce these through the free-style times.  It was good fun before it got to the point where bed was calling and I had to respond.  I headed home, took the days Project 365 photo quickly – which was interesting considering the battery in the compact I was using was dying as I was trying to take the picture) and headed off to bed.


Friday was a long day at work – with a nice trip into town at lunch to share a pizza at the new pizza restaurant that’s opened around the corner.  It was then back for a long and un-eventful afternoon Duty shift.  After work I headed home and just had a chill really – it was a quieter evening but good to get some rest.


Saturday was an earlier start to get out and have my morning run – I ended up going on the shorter route which I started on, rather than the other route I’ve been taking which is where the long steady hill really takes it out of you.  Don’t get me wrong, the shorter route has it’s fair share of hills, but I found that I was able to cope with these better – so I’m taking that as a good sign that my training is obviously paying off – considering the difficulty I had when I first started the outside jogging.  With the run finished I took the final Project 365 photo (which didn’t come out quite as I would’ve liked it, but had to be done as a quick shot as I was running a bit late, and headed off to the station and the train to Colchester for Mr Phill’s birthday/The Phil(l)s leaving Colchester BBQ.  Dan and Tom kindly came and picked me up from the station, and we had a quick stop at Asda to grab a card/jaffa cakes/etc before heading to the Phil(l)s.  What amused me when these were passed over that despite the card being very punny and silly humour, exactly the kind of card I would choose so I got the blame for it – however it was Dan who brought the card on my behalf whilst I was still on the train.  I think he knows my tastes too well!  The BBQ was a nice affair, chilling in the garden over a lovely warm summer’s afternoon.  Phill introduced us to the Baseballs – a band that covers modern music in a 1950s style – which was bizarre and amazing at the same time and we had a good round of Pass the Bomb (the less said about the Tetris cube the better!).  Eventually people headed off and I helped the Phil(l)s tidy up, before we watched some YouTube clips and the stairs to Bedfordshire called.


I joined the Phil(l)s for a cup of coffee Sunday morning, and then as they headed off to church, I popped into town for a breakfast meet-up with Tom before he went to work (which is a shame as I would’ve like to have seen the Fordham churches on the gorgeously sunny day it was).  We wandered through town and found a little café for breakfast, before heading to the bus stop to go our separate ways.  I walked up to the station and had a decent journey home before chilling for the rest of the night and just watching a film.  Nothing much more exciting than that.

And that is the week that was.


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