That Is The Week That Was


It was into the office for an early start on Monday morning due to the early Duty shift.  This was relatively quiet without too much going on so wasn’t too bad.  This was then followed by a nice mug of soup for lunch and a quiet afternoon.  After work I headed straight to the gym with Louise in tow (she’s a bit of a fitness fanatic) and got on with my usual workout – I was really chuffed to be able to break the 5K mark for the first time – the training plan I’m on is up to this distance in half an hour so everything is looking positive for reaching that goal (in the next couple of weeks).  After the gym we met up with Lee in the reception and headed off to Rochester Cineworld to go and see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  Once again this was an enjoyable experience and then I drove Louise and Lee home (going via some interesting back streets thanks to a confused Sat nav and Maidstone’s one-way system).  Lee and Louise at home it was home and off to bed.


Tuesday was another early start for an early shift.  I got into work and had a good day just working through calls – it got a bit manic in the morning with everything ending up a bit of a juggle but come the afternoon I as top of things and in control.  I stuck around in the office a bit later, before heading off to move the car, get it some new tires on the way, and then park up in town to meet up with Keith and Ben for dinner.  It was a nice chilled time and we can up with the rather fun idea of having a second Eurovision Party later in the year – whether that goes anywhere remains to be seen but it could be a fun idea.  After dinner I headed home and off to bed.


Wednesday was a slightly later start at work and a somewhat unexciting day.  It was mainly spent powering through my calls trying to get them sorted out and get the queue down.  After work I headed home, had a break, and then headed out to the gym.  Once again I was able get to 5K – which I’m happy with – though there’s still a long way to go.  After the gym I popped out to Asda, and then called in on my parents before heading home, and to bed.


Thursday was a long day at work – I was on an early duty shift then had to stick around as we were going out for dinner after the people on the late shift finished.  It gave me a chance to go and move the car and get changed which was good and we all toddled off down to Wildwood for a nice dinner.  Dinner finished we popped across the road to go and see Left of the Right Side play.  It you were feeling generous you could call the organisation of the event (done by the pub not the bands!) relaxed, it also came across as unorganised – with having to wait half an hour after the start time for the first band, and then another half hour after that for the second band, it meant that I ended up having to retreat before there was any chance of seeing LOTRS which was a shame.  As you can probably guess I headed home and off to bed.


Friday was another early start at work – and a generally quiet day though I got held up on one call which dominated my afternoon when we were supposed to be covering the phones for first line in the afternoon – still these things happen and I got it resolved in the end.  After first line returned from their team meeting we popped to the pub for a quick pint and then headed home on the last bus.   I called in at my parents to borrow a picnic blanket and ended up joining them for Chinese and the film Cemetery Junction – a strange film, billed as a comedy, more a drama.  After the film I headed home and off to bed.


Saturday was a busy day going up to Greenwich for a Ceroc dance/picnic in the park.  Getting there went swimmingly, getting all the trains on time and meeting people along the way as planned.  Unfortunately once we got to Greenwich and settled down, the rain started and we only really got 2 dances in before the heavens really opened and we had to retreat to a tea rooms.  The weather showed no sign of improving so we headed off to the Planetarium for a nose around – which was very interesting, and then as the skies had cleared we headed down to the water front, had a look around the university and had a lovely pint in the meantime bar, before heading back to Greenwich town for a bit of dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  It was then getting a bit late so we started heading back, getting caught up in a police incident with a runaway goose – there was a van load of police officers trying to keep this goose from going into the road and causing an accident, but it got itself into a church-yard where they could keep it happily whilst waiting for the RSPCA to come and rescue it.  We then headed to the station for our train to be delayed about half an hour but getting back ok in the end and then straight to bed.


Sunday was an intentionally lazy day.  I got some jobs done around the house and skimped on my run.  In the afternoon Keith popped over to drop off some books, and I generally had a quiet day watching a bit of tv and reading.  Nothing interesting to report.

And that is the week that was.


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