That Is The Week That Was

If you’re missing Monday try looking at the last TITWTW


Tuesday was a fairly standard day.  Work was it’s normal self and then I stuck around a bit afterwards to go and get some dinner with Julie, Lee, Cinders, and Paul down at Wildwood whilst we could still get a 2 for 1 offer there.  Dinner done I had a quick drink with Paul and then headed off home to bed.


Wednesday was another quiet day (it was a boring week).  Work was it’s usual self, I then headed home, out to the gym and back to bed.


Work was its usual self, I then had to race home to get my stuff for Ceroc which I had managed to leave.  I grabbed this and a bite to eat, headed back to Maidstone to pick up Cinders and Paul and headed off again.  We had a good evening – with the beginners moves being fairly easy to follow and the intermediate ones providing a nice level of challenge.  After Ceroc it was home and off to bed.


Friday was another day at work without much going on.  After work no-one was really around for the pub so I headed home, chilled and headed off to bed.



Saturday and Sunday continued in much the same way.  It was a very quiet weekend without much to do – I got the lawn mowed, had a run and read a lot of my book.  Nothing much else to add really.

And that is the week that was.


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