That Is The Week That Was


Monday was slightly less quiet and boring than the weekend.  Work was as it normally is, it was the first day of two weeks on installs which provides a nice change of pace.  After work I headed home, and then straight out to the gym – it was the first time doing a run that’s 30 minutes straight jogging, and I managed it – which I think is quiet impressive considering how much I was struggling at the start of Couch to 5k.  There’s still a long way to go but it’s progress.  After the gym was done I headed straight back to town to meet guys from work for the Wetherspoons pub quiz.  The idea was to get together several teams made up from the teams at work and have these vs each other – unfortunately that didn’t work out, with one team providing enough for 2 quiz teams, one team not turning up, and my team only providing 3 people, myself included.  Still it all worked out ok in the end when the team of three beat the two teams of 6 by 1 point.  It was close but we won.  After the quiz I headed home and off to bed.


Tuesday was another busy day – after work (which was probably the quietest part of the day), I headed home.  Once back I wolfed down some dinner and headed back out again to the local Go-kart track.  A bunch of guys from the office had booked this out for the evening and I’d agreed to go and take some photos of the proceedings – it was an interesting experience though was also in it’s own way challenging – the weather was shockingly bad when I arrived, throwing it down with rain, fortunately this cleared up for the main race – though lead to a very wet track, leading to some interesting shots and some very muddy pathways.  At the end of the night I’d taken around 1827 photos which left me with a fair bit to sort through as well and I managed to put a small dint into this when I got in before heading off to bed.


Wednesday saw work as normally followed by another trip to the gym.  Once again it was a half hour run and once again I managed to finish this without too much of a problem.  Hopefully the running can keep improving in the way it’s been going – as I know that things are going to be getting harder in the near future as the training continues.  After the gym I popped to Asda to stock up on food, called in on my parents to confirmed arrangements for Friday (I was due to take my Gran out in the evening) and then headed home to tackle the photos of the night before, managing to get them down to 800 by the time I turned into bed.


Nothing overly exciting happened at work on Thursday, then afterwards I headed back to Louise’s where we had a little gathering, just getting people from the office together for a chill.  We had a big boys vs girls game of charades which the boys managed to win hands-down and just generally had a good time.  Unfortunately I couldn’t stay too late due to being on the earlies, so was forced to head home and off to bed.


Friday was back to work for a fairly standard day.  Nothing overly exciting or special happened that’s worth reporting.  After work I headed up to my parents as I was taking my Gran out for the evening.  I picked her up and we headed to the local cinema to see the new adaption of Jane Eyre, followed by going for a bite to eat at the local Frankie & Bennies.  The early mornings of the previous week caught up with me fairly heavily on Friday, so I dropped my Gran back, headed home and off to bed.


Saturday was a lazy day – I managed to sleep through my alarm which lead to an even later start.  Once I was up I spent most of my day finishing off the photos from Tuesdays Go-Karting session – this took up a large part of the day but I managed to get them finished off.  This done, I met up with Michael and Paul, and we headed off down to the station to go up to London.  We had a good trip up and then raced to the BBC Radio Theatre to see the comedy Elvenquest being recorded.  It was quiet strange seeing some of these names that your so used to hearing (Alastair McGowan, Stephen Mangan, Kevin Eldon etc) so close up.  The shows were fantastic to listen to and it gives all the signs of being a good series when it comes back later this year.  After the show we headed back to the station and back down home, where I chilled with Paul for a bit, before Paul headed home and I headed off to bed.


Sunday was a purposefully lazy day.  I got some work done in the garden, had a walk to the shops, watched a film, and read my book a bit.  Hopefully getting nicely energised for the week ahead!

And that is the week that was.


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