That Is The Week That Was


Monday was a quieter day that the week before.  I headed into work, on the late shift so was able to have a bit of a lie-in before I came in which was a nice change.  Then after work, I raced home, got changed and headed out to the gym for a jog.  This done I headed home via Asda and chilled for the rest of the evening.


Tuesday was very similar to Monday as far as work was concerned.  I headed in, and had a reasonable day of installs, before moving the car back to town after work and then meeting up with Keith and Ben for dinner.  Somewhat interestingly our conversation drifted to different aspects of Japanese culture (something which Ben knows a fair bit about having lived there for a while), showing just some of the things that you wouldn’t think about.  It was really interesting and it would be nice to see if there were imitations of these in England, or alternatively we need to arrange a trip out to Japan to experience them – not a bad idea there…  I then headed home and pretty much straight to bed on the grounds of feeling knackered.


Wednesday was once again to work as normal, followed by a race up to the gym for a jog and then calling in at my parents on the way home.  These always seems to confuse my mum who for some reason thinks I tend to visit the gym on Tuesday/Thursday nights.  It was only a quick call in as I needed to get home to get some food eaten etc and didn’t want to get in the way.  So after about 10 minutes it was home and dinner, before a chill before bed.


Thursday was another quietish day at work – there was stuff to get done though so it wasn’t too bad.  After work I headed back to the car park, moved the car and then had a quick Wetherspoons dinner with Jackie and Paul before heading onto Ceroc.  It was a good night – the beginners moves with the ones we did when it first “clicked” for me and it was nice to re-vist them, then the more advanced moves were ones that we’d seen people doing before so it was nice to be able to learn some of these extra moves.  The freestyle afterwards was a bit quieter than usual, if I’m honest I was feeling tired and not that sociable, but managed to get up and have a couple of dances which was good fun and managed to grind the moves in a bit more.  Then it was home and off to bed.


Friday was a longish day at work.  It started off a bit manic with just me doing a two man job, but I managed to get things under control, and finish off an application for a  job that had to be in by the end of the day.  Come the afternoon things were a lot quieter though there was still plenty to do.  Still this meant that time flew by.  After work I raced home, got changed, had a bite to eat and drove up to Milton Keynes to see Phil and Esther, and to meet their new daughter Millie.  I managed to make some good time getting up despite a large number of roadworks on the way, and arrived to have a quick cup of tea, a chat and then bed.


Saturday was a bit more of an active day.  After arriving late the previous day I was able to meet Millie (a gorgeously happy baby who seems to smile at anything and everything).  We weren’t up long before it was off through the roundabouts of Milton Keynes (two things about MK – there’s a stupid number of roundabouts and everything looks the same…) for a 5k race.  This was the first time I’d attempted something like this – Phil had found a local running group which organised a weekly 5k race and he had entered us for this.  This was the first time that I had tried a full 5k run outside since I’d given myself an asthma attack trying to jog up a hill near my house so I approached it with a bit of trepidation, but found that all in all it was good fun.  I made the decision to run along with Phil who was a bit slower than my normal running speed but we had a good run and managed to complete the course without needing to stop for a little walk (which other more experienced faster runners weren’t able to do).  Still we ended up coming in as 226/227 out of 234 so there’s room for improvement and I’ve told Phil that next time I’m not hanging around and waiting for him…  After the run Esther and Millie, came and joined us and we found a little café to get some breakfast before heading back to the house to get showered and changed.  Once freshened up, we had a bit of lunch (a gorgeous home-made soup) and then headed out to a local garden centre so that Millie could have a look at the animals, and then we had a bit of tea and cake and headed off back to Phil and Esthers with a sleepy baby.  Once back to give Esther a break, Phil and I took Millie for a walk – enjoying watching some cricket on the green before it started to spit, then rain, then pour, and next thing with knew there was lighting, thunder and hail.  Naturally by this point, Millie had falled asleep and slept through it all, though Phil and I got soaked to the skin, having gone out wearing only jeans and t-shirts (we were so wet that the next day when I came to come home my T-shirt was still damp…).  We got back to the house, dried off, and had a cup of tea, whilst amusing Millie before it was bath time.  I helped Phil out with Bath time for Millie – which she seemed to really enjoy – getting to make a lot of splashes and getting to wriggly around a lot.  Then as Phil tidied up the bath things, I was given the bedtime story duties – trying to read a book that Millie seemed more intent on eating… Half way through Esther came up to bring Millie dinner and I headed out with Phil to go and get some pizza for our dinner.  We drop to a nearby town that did a take away and drove back for a nice pizza, with some local beers, followed by a round of Scrabble (I think I managed to get my best start ever in this game with NEATENS – it used all my tiles, was on a double word bonus so netted about 60-70 points).  This lead to a bit of brain busting, and lead to a good game with some interesting words (both real and the odd made up one that wasn’t allowed).  After Scrabble, we iPlayered that nights episode of Dr Who, though to be honest I was starting to drift off then this was on so probably need to re-watch it.  Then off to bed.


Sunday was another earlish start – the joys of having a young child around combined with a Dad whose very into this rugby.  We got up, dressed, had some breakkie and watched the tail end of the games on the TV whilst having a bit of a chat with Phil.  It was quite nice hearing his stories about what it’s like becoming a father – he really needs to write a blog or something on it – he’s got some good stories.  We then had some lunch and I headed off back home.  There were the occasional big jams that slowed things down as I drove through, but all in all I made good time.  I got back, and then had a lazy evening, watching a bit of Frasier and getting an early night.  I don’t know why but whenever I see Phil I always seem to be left feeling exhausted…

And that is the week that was.


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