That Is The Week That Was


Monday was a fairly quiet day.  I was on the late Duty shift at work – which started off horrendously busy with a lot of systems going down and various issues throughout the afternoon.  After work it was a race home through some really slow traffic to get changed and to head out to the gym.  I was had a good 5k run and tried to vary my speed a bit – with the view of building this up to get faster and faster (plus it keeps things a bit more interesting) before heading home, having some food and wandering off to sleep.


Tuesday was a quieter day at work.  I managed to get in early, and finally managed to get a problem which has been bugging me for the past couple of weeks sorted (don’t get me wrong the customer was lovely – but the problem was a pain in the back side where everything we tried didn’t seem to resolve the problem.  Still that’s been left for testing so will hopefully be another closure later in the week.  After work I headed home, had a quick bite to eat, and headed out to the cinema to go and see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with some people from the office.  This was good fun and a interesting film.  More thoughts will hopefully be online at some-point.  After the film we popped into Frankie and Bennys for a bite to eat, and then it was home and off to bed.


Another Wednesday, another day at work.  Nothing overly exciting happened, and I headed home to the gym for a decent run.  After this I was able to head home and settle down to an evening of good comedy (Raising Hope is back, combined with a new series called New Girl this gave me an evening of laughter) before heading off to bed.


Thursday was another chilled day at work.  I specifically got in late due to Ceroc that evening, and had a fairly standard day with nothing to report.  After work I headed out, moved the car, and met Paul in Wetherspoons for dinner.  It ended up just being us for Ceroc that evening – but it was still a really fun night – the moves were quite simple to get your head around and I think we did well with them.  When the tiredness set in, we headed back to Maidstone, and I drove home to bed.


Friday was a day off as a bit of a change, it was nice to have a lie-in, and a bit of a potter round the house, before packing up and setting up to Dan and Ali in Norwich for Dans 24th birthday.  I had a good journey up – though the person I was supposed to meet halfway managed to get the earlier train without realising it, though this wasn’t a major problem.  We then had a chilled evening, watching a bit of 24, playing some cards and having a fun time to the wee hours.


Saturday was a nice lazy start, a bit of a lie-in, followed by some bacon sarnies, and then a walk out to the local park.  There we had a sit down and enjoyed the sun, followed by an ice cream and then headed back for a couple more episodes of 24 before Tom arrived and we headed out for dinner at a diner place called Zaks.  This was nice food – one of Dans favourites, and we had a chilled time, joined by Dans brother and sister.  Dinner done we headed back into Norwich for a couple of drinks and tried a couple of different clubs before walking home in the wee hours of the morning.  Once back we had a couple of games of cards before it was all coming too much and I headed off to bed.


Another lazy start to the day.  I had a nice catch up with Tom whilst waiting for the others to get up, and then we packed up and headed to the station with Tom and Laura.  We managed to make good time to get our train, and then had a good couple of games of Arsehole along the way.  At Colchester I said my farewells to the others and continued on (being reminded how much I dislike the tube) to get back to find I’d missed the last bus.  Fortunately my Dad was able to pick me up and drop me back for what turned into a lazy evening recovering from the weekend.

And that is the week that was.


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