That Is The Week That Was

Completely forgot to upload this last night… Sorry.


I had the day off on Monday so I could get some jobs done/recover from the weekend.  It started off with a nice long lie-in and then a bit of lunch.  I was supposed to be meeting a friend in the day but this fell through, so I got my jobs done and had a chill, catching up with some TV before heading off to the gym for a run that if I’m honest wasn’t great.  I think the treadmill I was on had a different opinion about what flat was to what I do – hence why I struggled a lot more.  Think I’ll try a different treadmill next time.  After the gym I popped round Asda, headed home, and chilled with a couple of episodes of Frasier before heading off to bed.


Tuesday was a normal day at work followed by heading home and then pretty much straight out again to the cinema to meet Nick and Paul.  It turned out that the film we’d intended to go and see wasn’t out yet so we ended up going to grab a bite to eat at Frankie and Bennys before returning to the cinema and seeing 30: Seconds or Less.  This was actually rather fun though isn’t one that I’m going to rush out to see again/buy on DVD, I did enjoy it.  After the film I headed home and off to bed.


Wednesday once again was a usual day at work, followed by heading home out to the gym.  I managed to push myself and get up to 6k in 40 minutes (which included my 10 minutes warm-up/warm-down which is done at a slower pace) which I was quite chuffed by.  After the gym I called in on my parents on the way home, and then headed back for a bite to eat, to watch some TV and to head to bed.


Thursday – work as usual yadda yadda.  After work I headed to the pub go meet some guys for the office for a bit of food and a couple of pints before continuing onto Ceroc – the lessons were really good with the intermediate teaching some nice variations on the beginners moves (and doing a move we did last week getting that really cemented into the head).  After the lesson we had a good freestyle and then I ended up heading home (though not before having had a little practice session with Paul on the platform at Maidstone East station to the bemusement of other rail travellers).  Once home it was off to bed to try and get an early night (it never works out like that though…)


Friday was a usual day at work.  I had to be in early for the Duty shift, and then had a chilled lunch/afternoon.  After work I had a quick couple of pints with Matt and Joe before heading home to get changed to go out for my brother’s birthday.  We had a nice curry out in town and then headed back where it was bed for me.


Saturday was up earlish to go over to my parents to help sort some banking bits, but this didn’t happen due to a mix-up with who was coming to who.  We got it sorted in the end and I drove over to help my Dad retrieve a car from the garage it had gone to for repairs before being sold, and to get his car into the garage.  Then it was home for a bit of a break and waiting for the day to cool before heading out again for a run (though this was cut short by the time the park closed the carpark) and onto Michaels for Dr Who and Merlin.  After these it was home and off to bed in preparation for a long walk the next day.


Sunday was another early start to get down to town to meet the others for breakfast, before heading over to Trottiscliffe (pronounced Trosley) near Maidstone for a hill walk.  We had a good run managing about 8-9 miles in 3 hours, before heading back to the pub for a quick drink and home.  After this I felt truly knackered so chilled on the sofa and headed off for an early night.

And that is the week that was.


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