That Is The Week That Was

Going to be a quick one this time I think

Work, followed by heading home, had a surprise visit from my mum which basically made me too late to make the gym. Chilled and headed off to bed.

Work, then after headed down to Wetherspoons to meet up with Keith and Ben for a Steak night. IT was a nice dinner with the background of the Wetherspoons beer festival to give some interesting drinks.

Work, then home, supposedly to the gym but just felt knackered, so chilled and allowed myself a week off.

Work, then straight to the pub to meet the guys for a pre-ceroc dinner. Once again enjoying the range of Beer festival beers and a fun dinner. Then onto Ceroc which was fun – Jackie and I are really getting into our stride together pulling out some good moves. It was scary the number of people there though – the room which did seem huge is now seeming really small and cramped. Ceroc done it was home and off to bed.

Work, which was a busy morning due to half the team being out at a team meeting. It was then a quick lunch (everyone was having to squeeze their lunch breaks into an hour slot) before a long quiet afternoon. After work it was to the pub for what was intended to be a quick drink, but somewhat extended. Fortunately Luke let me crash on his sofa bed so didn’t have to worry about problems getting home.

Had a somewhat lazy start – mainly as I didn’t hear that Luke was up so didn’t want to disturb him. Embarrassingly it turned out that he’d been up for ages and was just very very quiet. Luke dropped me back in town to the car, and I headed home, and had a chilled afternoon relaxing at home (and trying to rip a video off iPlayer for my mum). Then it was back to town to meet up with Keith and Ben for Ben’s birthday. We went up to the all you can eat buffet at the Raja which was very tasty, before moving onto a local pub for a nice chilled end to the evening (though the Ginger & Chilli ale didn’t go down too well with the spicy currys..)

Sunday was a lazy day at home, getting various chores done. Nothing exciting to report really – except possibly the new look for the Blog – I’ve had the same theme since I started in 2005 so figured it was time for a refresh. Hoping that the new look continues to match the theme and that it looks vaguely good.

And that is the week that was.

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