That Is The Week That Was


Monday was the first day in a slightly different week – at work I was spending the week with our Area team – the team that goes out and about, fixing faults at the desks, rather than just remoting to the customer’s computers (which is what we tend to do normally).  The day saw me arriving, picking up calls from the queue, and then heading out over the road to the main offices to get these fixed.  I think it all went well and I managed to get quite a few fixed.  After work I headed home, out to the gym, and then possibly gave myself an over-hard workout to make up for skipping a week.  I certainly felt it over the course of the week.  After the gym I limped round Asda to grab some food, headed home and chilled for a bit before heading to bed.


Tuesday once again saw some interesting trips out of the office (our main building is a bit of a rabbit warren so can be quite easy to get lost within).  Still I managed to get my head around the room numbering system eventually, and find the rooms I was supposed to be in.  Lunch was a very nice trip to Chunkys with Shaun, made even better by discovering the Honey Chilli Beef (one of my favourite Chunkys specials) was back as well which is always a boost to the day.  After work I headed home, got changed, and then went round to my parents for dinner as my Godparents were visiting as they were staying locally.  This a nice dinner with one of my sisters Turkey and Cranberry rings which are always a treat.  After dinner it was home and off to bed.


Wednesday saw work continue going out, visiting desks, getting jobs done – it was really interesting and a good team to be working with.  After work I got changed, and met up with Paul, before heading off to the local pub, where we met with Alicja, Siobhan (one of Alicja’s colleagues), Nick and Luke for a couple of drinks, a bite to eat and then headed on out to see Left of the Right Side perform.  This was at a bar called Chicagos which was comfortably busy, and there were 3 other bands giving a good show.  The music was generally good and we were able to bust out a couple of Ceroc moves as well so was nice to show off a bit.  LOTRS performed really well and it’s a shame that their going for a bit of a break now.  After the gig we ambled home through the deserted streets and it was home/to bed.


Thursday turned into an unintentionally long day – I got into work around 9ish but didn’t end up leaving till gone 7 that evening, due to a computer I needed to get finished off ready for the customer to use first thing Friday.  I managed to get the work finished so was chuffed with this, though it was a bit gutting a 15 minute job extended out to around 3/4 hours.  Once I’d managed to escape I met up with Luke, Natalie, Julie and Carole for dinner before moving onto Ceroc (where only myself, Paul and Jason made it).  It wasn’t my best night – I felt completely knackered and was really struggling to get some of the moves.  Then afterwards everyone seemed to want to dance which was really frustrating as I couldn’t string it all together properly.  Still it was a fun night but I slipped off early to get to bed and get some sleep.


Friday was an early start at work as I ended up going to Broadstairs to help with new device rollout.  It was a gorgeously sunny day and though the van was full we didn’t have a huge amount to do meaning it wasn’t a huge stress.  We stopped and had a nice lunch at the local caff and managed to get back in good time, getting a couple of final calls sorted before returning my laptop, mug and bits back to my normal desk.  After work I headed home, had a quick rest and then headed out to the gym for a better workout session – still I felt very stiff/sore afterwards.  Then it was home to chill watching a bit of TV before bed.


Saturday was a lazy day to start with – I didn’t get up to late and had a good read whilst lieing in bed.  I then got some jobs done, watched a bit of TV and met up with Paul for a couple of drinks in town.  We popped up to the Flowerpot for a couple of really nice pints, before I had to leave to meet the others for Lees birthday dinner at the Lucky Cat.  This was Japanese/Chinese style food and very tasty with really friendly staff (when they found out it was Lee’s birthday they brought him out a good bag and a sweet dish for caramelised Apple and Banana with a candle in it).  Dinner done, we headed out separate ways, so it was home and bed for me.


After the usual Sunday morning routine I was supposed to get a visit from my Dad, but he was late, so ended up having to push everything else back in the day.  He eventually arrived and we popped out to get some loft insulation – which was planned as part of my birthday present (alongside boarding and a ladder) to get the attic a bit more suitable.  This all brought and stored inside, Paul popped round and we watched a couple of films (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-sec proving to be a rather amusing little film) before throwing Paul out and heading off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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