That Is The Week That Was


Bleeping NipplesMonday saw a return to the office as normal.  For the early Duty shift too.  Things were fairly quiet and normal so a chilled day.  Afterward the shift was over I headed into town with Rob to grab a quick lunch before back to the office for a quiet afternoon.  After work I headed home, got changed and then headed to the gym.  It was there that I discovered one of the curses of running.  I decided to push forward into Bridge to 10K – this only extended my running time from 30 minutes to 40 (but it also lead to a problem that I’ve not really encountered before this run – bleeping nipples.  Basically caused by my t-shirt rubbing against my chest I think you can guess the rest.  I can’t tell you how unbelievable uncomfortable this was when I’d finished showering (the XXX Mint shower gel didn’t help).  This was a discomfort that stayed with me till midday Tuesday and put a bit of a dampener on the evening.  Still was chuffed to have run that far without too much difficulties.  After the gym I headed to Asda for a quick shop, then headed home, chilled and went to bed.


Tuesday was an insanely busy day at work – one of our two data centres went down due to a power outage, so we spent most of the morning fielding phone calls from people calling to let us know that something wasn’t working.  Things had calmed down by lunchtime when the main symptoms were clearing up a bit (and people were beginning to realise that we did know it was going on) so managed to get through a list of people I had to phone back regarding the issues.  Then finally come mid afternoon things were gradually pulling themselves back onto their feet and it quietened down to pretty much a normal day.  I fled the office early as I was meeting up with Shaun, Paul and Michael and we were all heading off to London.  To celebrate the release of his latest book, Snuff, Terry Pratchett’s publishers had arranged and evening with him at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, we arrived and found our way to seats (unfortunately in the vertigo inducing balcony), and then had a lovely funny evening watching Terry Pratchett chat with his assistant Rob sharing anecdotes and stories, whilst answering some questions sent in from Twitter.  After the show we went and hung around the stage door to see if we could get a glimpse of the man himself, we were there till 11:30 and while Rob his assistant came out and kindly handed out some signed book plates, that was all we saw.  It was then back to the station and home, getting to bed around 2 in the morning.


Wednesday was a later start due to the previous night’s lateness.  It would’ve been nice not to have needed to go to work at all, and just have a long lie-in but needs must.  I headed in, getting in later than I normally would and stumbling through my morning in a bit of a sleep haze.  Fortunately by lunchtime I’d woken up somewhat as we headed into town with everyone for a quick BK.  After work I had to race home, get changed for the gym (adding plasters to function as nipple covers to try and prevent a repeat of Monday) and headed out to the Post Office to pick up a parcel, before on to the gym for another run – this time going much better with the plasters preventing issues.  After the gym it was home and off to bed.


Thursday started with me actually stopping to check the run I’d been doing assuming it was Bridge to 10k was correct – turns out I’d managed to leap in at the deep end… Pretty much at the end of a 6 week training program – not bad I thought to myself, but at the same time probably explained why I felt so knackered!  Anyway the day at work was pretty normal – with a planned cinema trip after work falling through, meaning that I ended up heading home, and having an evening of rest – which was much enjoyed and needed.


Friday was another reasonable day at work – nothing majorly exciting happened, and then we had a really nice trip to the pub afterwards.  We ended up with a bunch of people coming and going – finishing up with me and Jackie having a nice dinner and a good laugh.  After the pub it was off home and bed as I needed an early night.


Saturday was an earlier start than a usual Saturday as I was putting in some overtime and boosting the hours.  It was a nice day, arriving, getting started and just having a good chance to talk to people you don’t normally get to see.  The work wasn’t overly hard and we managed to get everything done in the allocated time.  After this I headed home, had a small bite to eat and then headed out to the cinema with Michael to go and see The Three Musketeers – this isn’t going to win any awards but was a fun actiony romp – giving the Three Musketeers the Pirates of the Caribbean treatment.  A very enjoyable show all in all.  After the film it was home and off to bed.


Sunday was a lazy day – I was supposed to be up in the attic putting down some insulation but my Dad who I was supposed to be doing it with was unable to make it in the end.  SO I took the opportunity to catch up with some TV and films and just had a lazy day getting ready for a busy week.

And that is the week that was.

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