That Is The Week That Was


Monday proved to be an interesting start to the week, following the computer rollout at the weekend I was involved with the floor walking to try and trouble shoot any issues that may have been rolled out with the new computers.  This was a good opportunity to get meet the staff, and to get a better idea of some of the problems that can affect the rollout of these new devices.  After this is was back to the office, and out again for a bit lunch, an amble round town, and then back for a quiet afternoon.  Following all of this it was out to the gym as usual, then home, calling in at my parents on the way to say hi, followed by Young Apprentice and bed.


I was on the late shift at work on Tuesday – which meant a welcome lie-in in the morning.  At work I was on the Remote Fault shift which was reasonably quiet – compared to how it can be this was very nice and relaxed, with a day that was at the most of it quiet and boring.  After work had finished I moved the car and came back into town to meet up with Keith and Ben for a nice trip to the Wetherspoons steak night.  The conversation was as always rambling but touched on some interesting points – with challenges being through in multiple directions leading to what I thought of as a lively debate – always good fun.  After dinner it was home and off to bed.


Wednesday was a longer day – once again an appreciated late start, for a quietish day at work.  After work it was a race back home to get out for the gym, a 40 minute run, back home for a bite to eat, before heading out to the cinema to see the new Tintin film – I really want to get some thoughts written up on this so watch this space.  After the film it was a trip home and off to bed.


Thursday was a fun day – work was fairly chilled and relaxed, and I had a nice walk around town with Jackie at lunchtime.  After work I got changed, moved the car and had dinner with Jackie, Julie, and Paul before Ceroc – this included a new beer to me called Taking the Pith which was quite a light beer but with Lemon & Lime flavours making it lovely and refreshing.  We then walked on down to Ceroc which provided to be a really good night – the moves were relatively easy to follow and the freestyle afterwards was great fun – getting to dance with a couple of people who I’d normally be too scared to ask to dance.  I then slipped off for a night cap with Paul (another pint of Taking the Pith) to cap off what was a lovely evening.


After a late night the previous night (and as my ankle was really feeling a bit iffy) I held off visiting the gym as planned.  Instead I had a lazy day around the house getting things ready to go away for the weekend and watching a bit of TV.  Then in the evening I headed off to the station to get the train up to Colchester to visit Tom and Cliff for Halloween.  It was a good journey up (with the exception of having to push through Westfield Cross full of shoppers to get between stations) and I managed to make a good journey.  Was also really pleased to walk up the hill outside of Toms without a) panting for breath, b) sweating – as this hill is a bit of a beast and has done me in before – shows that all the gym work is having an effect.  We sat around and had a bit of a catch-up planning things for the next day – it was a very nice chilled evening and good to see them both and discover how things have been.


Saturday was great fun – we were up early, and heading to the Range to get Tom a couple of extra bits for his costume before continuing onto Colchester Zoo.  This was a brilliant day – wandering around, having a look at the animals, there were several feeding sessions that we attended which mean that you got to the animals really active and it was lovely to see – I took the camera with me and got a couple of photos so watch out as these will be appearing when they’re sorted.  The Zoo was also having a special late night opening with events going on into the evening for Halloween so we had a wander around these and I was terrified whilst the others watched on and laughed (I don’t do well when people try to make you jump).  It was also good as it allowed you to see some of the more nocturnal We decided that the queue for the Ghost Train seemed just a bit too long, so headed back to Toms, where we got changed into our costumes, met up with Laura, had a bite to eat and some cocktails before heading into the town.  We had a good night out, visiting a couple of different pubs and generally having a laugh.  Then when we could stay awake no longer (and the place we’d found ourselves in had awful music) it was back to Toms and sleep.


Sunday was a slightly more chilled, relaxing day following the night before, we had a bit of a late start with some muffins for breakfast, watched a bit of TV (Merlin!), and got ourselves picked up.  We then dropped Laura on the Uni campus (which is completely different with new roads they’re building) and then headed down to Cliff’s parents in Chapel for a very lovely and relaxed evening, enjoying a Chinese, a bit of TV and a silly board game.  I helped out feeding the horses and getting them off to bed and thoroughly knackered and thrown by the clock change we headed back to Toms and our waiting beds.

And that is the week that was.


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