That Is The Week That Was


Monday saw a start to the day where I felt very scruffy standing next to a very smart Tom – he was on his way to do some work in court and we were getting the train together.  And trust me he looked start which lead to me looking very scruffy.  The journey back wasn’t a bad one, getting back in good time to find a bus ready to go and getting in to relax a bit.  I then dove out again to get a hair cut (I grew all the hair required for my Halloween costume so was really glad to see it go), before doing a bit of work on the photos from the weekend, and heading out to the gym (this wasn’t a goo session as the equipment was broken or someone else was using it. A really disappointing session), a trip up to Asda, and then finally home for Young Apprentice followed by bed.


Tuesday was back to the office – it was quite strange how much of a fuss my haircut caused.  People seemed somewhat surprised at how short hair looks on me…  Beyond that it was a fairly standard day at work, nothing out of the ordinary happened, then after work I headed home and had a bit of a chill, before heading out to help my Dad move a table and moving onto the cinema to catch a couple of films (the joys of having an unlimited card!).  We ended up seeing In Time and Real Steel – both very enjoyable films, both with very different styles and ideas being played with.  I really hope to get more written up but that’s going to depend on how other things go – things have been a bit busy.  After the cinema it was straight home and to bed.


Wednesday was another standard day at work, I headed back from the office and after the fiasco of the gym on Monday decided to give this a bit of a break choosing to relax at home instead.  So nothing really exciting to report.


Thursday was an intentionally late start to the day.  This wasn’t too bad and I managed to get a couple of jobs done at home before heading out to work, work was a quiet day just getting on with calls, before heading out to move the car and join the others for dinner at Pizza Express before moving onto Ceroc.  All in all it was a really nice evening (though the service was a bit slow), at Ceroc I was asked to come in and help with the beginners improvers class which was quite strange to re-visit, but was really chuffed to be able to pick up one of the intermediate moves by watching the demo at the start.  Then in freestyle I had one of the best dancers at the club come and ask for a dance – somewhat terrifying but I hopefully didn’t make a complete tit of myself…  It was so much fun I completely lost track of time and next thing I knew, it was the end of the night and time to go home and head to bed.


Friday was a long day at work, and I really could’ve gone for a pint afterwards but had to race home to meet my parents to drive up to Norfolk to see my Gran.  It wasn’t a bad drive – we didn’t really get held up at all, arriving in what felt like good time.  Once there we had a catch-up, marvelled at how little signal you go on your mobile (not very useful as I was trying to arrange to meet Dan and Ali) and chilled for a bit before bed.


Saturday was an early start, my Dad kindly drove me to the local Sandringham estate so I could go for a jog in the woods, and he wandered around in the woods with my camera taking small number of pictures.  After I’d got back and showered off, we helped my Gran move some furniture around, and rolled up a carpet to clear out a room for decorating.  This done we had a bite of lunch, and then I got dropped in the town centre to get the bus down to Norwich to see Dan and Ali.  This was a long boring bus ride (I can’t believe that Ali used to do this everyday!), meeting up with Dan and Ali at the other end.  We headed out, had some dinner and then onto a local fireworks display, meeting up with a couple of Dan’s old uni friends.  It was then back to Dans, via his parents to watch V for Vendetta (it seemed appropriate!!).  After the film, then bed.


Sunday was an early start to grab a bacon buttie for breakfast, before heading back to the bus stop, and then back to my Grans.  This journey didn’t seem so bad – possibly as it was light?  We then went out for a bit of lunch at a local Thai restaurant, before moving some more furniture around, and then driving back to Kent.  I stopped at my parents for a cuppa, before heading back to mine for dinner, and a quiet evening.

And that is the week that was.


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