That Is The Week That Was


Ah Monday, the start of a new week.  It was a bit of a confused Monday at least to start with – I was expecting to be spending with week with the rollout team, but on arrival at the prebuilds office they were surprised to see me expecting me to be with my usual team.  Still we very quickly got it sorted out and I got into the flow of getting the devices built and ready for rolling out to stie.  After work I headed home and having been warned that there was no equipment working at the gym by a manager at work stayed in and had a quiet evening watching a bit of TV and popping out to Asda fro supplies.


Tuesday was another chilled day – getting computers built and ready to go, it was a very nice change of pace to how the office is normally.  I had a nice amble round town at lunchtime with Jackie, and then after work headed home and had a quiet evening at home.


Once again more of the same at work – a quietly chilled day.  Then after work I headed home and given the gym situation decided to give a road run ago.  I tried a route which last time I tried almost killed me due to the hills enroute causing an asthma attack.  This time however, I managed to get all the way around without struggling nearly as much so was really chuffed with that.  Run done Michael popped around for a cup of tea, and we watched a bit of TV before he headed home and I headed off to bed.


Thursday was a longish day – I had to be in work early to load up the van to take this to site, for a new computer rollout.  We got a bit delayed in traffic but fortunately the site we were heading too wasn’t too far away from the equipment store.  Once there we had to unload the van quickly, so that this wouldn’t be blocking the main entrance and tried to get started to discover that the main network was down.  This created a few more interesting problems though we were able to spend some time getting the hardware swapped over meaning that things had a chance to come back up to get the customers setup on their new systems for the most part (though the connections were flaky through the morning).  Leaving the site around lunchtime we headed back to the main offices, unloaded the van and I then popped into town for a bite to eat before back to the office for a couple of hours.  Work finished, I got changed, moved the car and met up with Paul and the others for a bite to eat before Ceroc.  We tried eating in the new pizza restaurant at town and this was just as good as their take away.  It was then onto Ceroc which was ok – it wasn’t the best night I’ve had, but then again the week before had been so good it was always going to be hard to beat.  After Ceroc, and as I had the next day off I popped for a nightcap with Paul (who was utterly fantastic at Ceroc – really pulling the moves together) and then headed home to bed.


Despite having the day off Friday was still an early start.  I had a man from British Gas coming round to do a survey for installing Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall insulation so had to be ready for when he came over.    He ended up coming after lunch so I had a chilled morning doing a couple of odd jobs around the house, before finding out that my exterior walls have some of the worst cavities he’s seen (a problem that fortunately only affects cavity wall insulation) but I was going to be able to get my loft insulated at no charge.  After the man left, Claire came over, we got some chips, watched a film and caught up – it’s been a while since I saw her.  We watched a bit of Iron Man, then she headed home and I headed off to bed.


Saturday had a rubbish start – to begin with it was early as I had to get to the office for some Overtime.  Then I managed to pull off part of my car bumper leaving the drive (fortunately this was fixable at the car park), and on arriving I managed to throw my phone at the ground (it survived thank goodness).  Still once we got into the flow of the overtime it went well and quickly – we actually managed to finish an hour early, with a generally happy banter throughout the day.  This done it was home and a chilled evening just watching a bit of TV recovering from all the heavy lifting of the day.


After the usual start on a Sunday morning, I headed over to my parents for Sunday lunch.  This was nice to catch up with them (and for once I wasn’t required to move anything around!)  After lunch I headed home and relaxed a bit pondering the pros and cons of going for a run, then deciding to get working through the Zoo photos instead, getting through about 500 leaving another 200 to sort…  Almost there…

And that is the week that was.


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