That Is The Week That Was

Going to be late and quickish today. Sorry.

Monday – usual work day with a quiet late duty at work in the afternoon. Then out for a run (strangely fun despite the cold weather) and a chilled evening watching Young Apprentice.

Standard day at work – nothing that exciting to report. Then after work, I headed home, got changed, met up with Shaun and it was back to town for Michael’s birthday dinner – this was a really nice meal down at Wildwood followed by a trip up to the cinema to see the special one-off re-release of Ghostbusters, something nice to see on the big screen. It was then home and to bed.

Another standard day at work, nothing overly exciting going on, then home, out for a run and a chilled evening after that.

Thursday – not such a fun day. I was due to get some Loft Insulation installed by British Gas. They’d phoned up Wednesday evening to confirm that they would be in around 8am – excellent I thought – that gives me the chance to do all the other jobs I need to do. It got to 10… then 11… then 12 and still no sign of the men. At this point I had to ask Paul who was visiting to pop over to Asda to pick up some cake ingredients for me. I also phoned to try and find out where this van was to find out that the depot didn’t really know. Eventually around 4:30pm I got a call to say that they were on their way, and at 5pm a call to say they were stuck in traffic and it’s probably an idea to re-schedule. Not impressed at all – especially as I’d taken a day of to basically be kept under house arrest. Still I managed to get the cake for Children in Need created, and be out in time to meet my colleagues at the pub for a pre-quiz dinner. In the evening it was the big office Children in Need quiz – this was great fun with a good team – we ended up coming annoyingly third, with several points where we could’ve ranked higher. Quiz done it was home and to bed.

Friday was Children in Need in the office – this meant a huge cake stall and various other fun and games going on in the office. It seemed a bit more subdued than previous years but was still fun – with the quiz I’d written raising around £40 for the charity. The workload of the day was pretty normal, with nothing overly exciting going on (except for the discovery there is too much cake). After work we headed out for a “quick” drink – ending up getting home around half 11… There I watched a bit of the Children in Need telethon and headed off to bed.

Saturday was lazy start, getting a couple of jobs done around the house and watching the sublime Howl’s Moving Castle. Mid-afternoon I headed over to Michael’s to help him prep the house for his party, and then we had a really fun evening – including a somewhat extreme frape and congaing away from a ghost… I’ll leave that all to your imagination. The night finished with one of the best games of Munchkin I’ve ever played – if you’ve not heard of it look it up, great game – where a fluke modifier gave me an extreme bonus making me nigh on unbeatable – very Munchkin. Then it was off to the sofa for a sleep.

Sunday was a lazy day, getting up late. Helping tidy up in payment to bacon sarnies, then heading home for an hour before being picked up to go visit my brother in London. My parents were taking some bits up for him to his new house, and then we were going out to celebrate my mums birthday. We ended up at a nice Turkish restaurant – though I have no idea where it was! The food was lovely getting a good mix of the range available. It was then home for a quiet evening and an early night in preparation for a week of earlies.

And that is the week that was.


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