That is the Week That Was

Another late/quickish one I’m afraid…


It was the start of a week of earlies – not always the best thing.  Still things were reasonably quiet in the office.  After work I headed home, had a rest, went for a run, popped round the shops, and then back for Young Apprentice.


I ended up sticking around in work a bit later than I’d normally do and then heading into town to meet up with Keith and Ben.  Rob joined for a quick pint and we had a nice evening catching up on recently events.  After dinner it was off home and off to bed.


Work as usual, followed by a run in the evening.  I then raced over to my parents as it was my mums birthday to drop off her birthday present – a box of chocolates which seemed to go down well.  Then it was home and off to bed.


Work as usual, sticking around a bit later afterwards to get ready for Ceroc.  Before Ceroc had a nice catch up in the pub with Louise, Scot, Luke and Mark, though the rest of the evening wasn’t so great – the class was good and fantastic fun, but by the time the freestyle started I felt knackered and couldn’t motivate myself.  In the end I sloped off to go and get some sleep.


The final early start of the week – it was another quiet day in the office without too much to do.  After work I ended up heading home and getting an early night


Saturday was unfortunately another early start (a day I couldn’t done with a lie-in) to meet British Gas again – this time they did actually turn up – though once again were late/outside the appointment I’d been given.  They were also only there for 5 minutes, before telling me that my loft space was too small for them to move around in and that I would need to rebook the appointment to use a blow method or small fitters.  Not very good at all.  Still I managed to get a large part of my Christmas shopping done that morning before lunch and heading over to my parents to help them dismantle their garden table for storage over the winter.  This done I headed home to meet Paul for a couple of films – Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, and the Brothers Bloom – a bit of pizza and a chilled evening.


After the usual Sunday morning, my parents picked me up and we headed over to Horsham to see my Gran.  We went out for a lovely lunch at the Devils Dyke – where it was insanely windy  – lots of hand gliders and bits flying around the top – I wish I’d brought my camera with me.  Lunch was good, and then we had a drive around the country afterwards before heading back to Kent, having a short run (only 3k round the block) and heading off to bed.

And that is the week that was.


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