2011 In Review – TV

This years TV has included a couple of nice surprises, a couple of things that have in the end disappointed, and a couple of series coming back and carrying on strong.  As with Films I’ve got through chosen a top 10, Honourable mentions and a bottom 4 which are all below:

The Top 10

Terra Nova

I unashamedly loved this show – it was generally big, silly, and a bit wobbly round the edges but it went along on a fun rollicking ride and I found myself looking forward to it each week.  It was great to see a fun show that you could watch with all the family coming back on TV – here’s hoping for a second series!

Game Of Thrones

The big new fantasy drama featuring a huge all star cast, and fantastically realised locations this has understandably gained a huge following.  The world shown is gritty and realistic, with complex stories woven around and affecting each other, it’s also a world where no character is safe leaving you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

Raising Hope

I’m fairly certain that this made this list last year – and here it is again.  It’s light fluffy and always brings a smile to my face.  The show is continuing to build to it’s strengths, and providing fun light-hearted entertainment each week, which is pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

The Twilight Zone

This was one that was recommended to me by someone at work – the original 1959 series of the Twilight Zone.  I started it suspiciously at first (heavily influenced by Futurama’s the Scary Door) but instead found a collection of complex and interesting short stories that can be funny, sad, challenging and a whole host of extras.  Removing the modern requirements of special effects and star names the story is key presenting a wonderful show of imagination and unexpected twists.


The show keeps building and getting better – each series seems to bring with it a new set of twists and sets up the stage even more – though the real strength in Fringe has been some of the stand alone episodes – presenting some really thoughtful, emotional comments on humanity – and it’s these episodes that make Fringe a real gem to watch.

30 Rock

This was a comedy I was lent on DVD – I found that I watched the entire season in a weekend and wasn’t quite sure where the time had gone.  A silly, funny and daft look behind the scenes of an American TV show it’s great fun and moves at a break-neck pace.


At the end of the first series of Nikita they complete re-write the game field, and so far the series has kept this up – giving the show a whole new dynamic and completely regenerated the ideas of the show.  Hopefully the series can keep this going as its remaining a fresh and dynamic action/adventure thriller.

Up All Night

Another baby raising show – but possibly slightly more grounded than Raising Hope.  Dealing with some of the struggles of being a working parent, and (more uniquely) a house husband this stays consistently funny with the manicness of 30 Rock and the sweetness of Raising Hope.

New Girl

I’m always a fan of Zooey Deschanel and her kooky nature – and this show plays it to the max.  The interplay between her character and her flatmates can get annoying (they can descend into shouting at each other a bit too quickly) but overall the show keeps a heart and remains solidly likeable – normally bringing a big smile as I watch.

Stargate: Universe

This show seemed to have finally hit it’s stride, and got itself figured out when it was announced it wasn’t going to be renewed.  It was always a series that wasn’t afraid to play with some of the more complicated ideas and some of the episodes concepts were wonderful – especially when they meet their own descendants following an accident with Time travel.  It’s a shame that this hasn’t been renewed as it finally looked like it was going places.

Honourable Mentions:

Black Mirror, Dr Who, Episodes, Grimm, Merlin, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest, The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, Zen

The Bottom 4

There’s only 4 but there are 4 shows that disappointed me this year.


A thriller about a potential home grown terrorist on American soil.  I tried watching the pilot but couldn’t get through that, I just found it so slow moving and dull.


Unlike Homeland I made it through the pilot, but still found that it didn’t really hold any interest for me.  It had the concept to be a great interesting show, but the acting seemed to be bland and the story ideas boring.

Falling Skies

This show was one that I just found depressing – there wasn’t any real sign of hope as a group treks around a destroyed world.  I’ve got the later half of the season to try and watch but just haven’t been able to bring myself to face it so far.

The Event

A show that started with much promise – and then seemed to lose it all, the plot got convoluted and didn’t seem to make a huge amount of sense.  Then it started to sort itself out, but never really got itself fully.  If the story had been tighter it could’ve been a more interesting show, but as it stands it was a disappointment.

Film thoughts are here.

Books & Music are here.


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