TL:DR at the bottom…

This is a tad late going up.  Read and find out why my face feels like Sandpaper!

You may not have heard of Movember – I only really thought about it properly last year, though as a concept its been around a bit longer.  For those who don’t know then Movember is a global event arranged to get raise awareness of Mens Health issues – especially Testicular and Prostrate cancer by encouraging men to grow moustaches (it cannot connect at the side of the face into side burns, or in the middle to make a beard.  Beyond that anything can go.

It will all kick on the 1st November with everyone being clean shaven – then the growing begins.  There’s going to be weekly updates and we’ve got a whole team from work taking part.

The site for it all is here: If you can sponser it would be appreciated but please don’t feel any pressure (I know alot of people helped out with the marathon earlier this year).


Supporting Movember this year – watch here for a range of updates -


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