Christmas Quiz 2012

Every year I write a Christmas Quiz partially for my own entertainment and partially to give those who’re in the office over the Christmas break something to do when it gets quiet.  This year I thought for the fun of it I’ll pop the questions online (and the answers but they’ll come later) so that whoever can have a go should they wish.

There is normally some form of prize for the person who does best (though Googling or use of any other internet search engine is considering cheating) so if you want to put youself into the running, or see how many you got right before the answers go up then drop me an email – and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.
Answers are currently planned for release on January 1st 2013 – so you’ve got a bit of time.

Christmas Quiz 2012

Each round features 7 questions each within a different category.  All of the questions are linked (sometimes tenuously) to an event that happened in the relevant month of this year.


1 – News – In January two sacks were accidentally delivered to the United Nations HQ in New York city.  Did they contain a) cocaine, b) flour, or c) grain?

2 – Film – In 2012 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes filed for divorce.  But for how many years were they married? (+/- half a year)

3 – Music – Which American Soul Singer died in February 2012 having accidentally drowned themselves?

4 – TV – In January, BBC2’s Stargazing Live led to two amateur astronomers discovering a new what? Comet, Moon, or Planet? (Bonus Point: For the name of the object)

5 – Sport – Novak Djokovic defeated who to win the Australian Open in January this year?

6 – True or False? – True or False – You’d find the world’s highest swimming pool in the Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

7 – General Knowledge – What is Deoxyribonucleic acid more commonly known as?


1 – News – In February 2012 which internet company announced their plans to float on the stock market?

2 – Film – The film adaption of Susan Hill’s The Woman In Black was produced by which classic British studio?

3 – Music – Who won the Brit award for Best British Female Solo Artist? (Bonus Point: Who won the Brit for Best British Male Solo Artist)

4 – TV – In February 2012 ITV screened the first ever advert aimed at a) Babies, b) Cats, or c) Dogs

5 – Sport – Which national team won 2012’s 6 Nations?

6 – True or False – True or False – The Artist was the first silent film to win the Oscar for Best Feature award since 1925.

7 – General Knowledge – This year Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 60th year since her ascension to the throne, but when was she actually coroneted?


1 – News – In March 2012 who announced their retirement from the position as the AB of C?

2 – Film – Disney reported a $160 million loss at the end of March but on which film did they blame this?

3 – Music – For how many weeks was Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” at number 1 in the UK Charts? (+/- 2 for half a point)

4 – TV – Harry Hill stepped down from presenting Harry Hills TV Burp this March, but how for how many years did the show run? (+/- 5 for half a point)

5 – Sport – Which team was Fabrice Muamba playing for when he collapsed in the middle of the pitch with a heart attack?

6 – True or False – True or False – A 2012 study discovered a relationship between snoring as a toddler and behaviour problems later in childhood.

7 – General Knowledge – The Encyclopaedia Britannica discontinued its print edition this month after having been published for how many years? (+/- 10)


1 – News – Why was Trenton Oldfield arrested and jailed for 6 months?

2 – Film – For the first time in this history of the Golden Raspberries one film won all the categories it was nominated in – the film was “Jack & Jill but how many did it win? (+/- 5)

3 – Music – Which April number 1 song outsold Justin Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend” at the rate of 2-1? (Half point for artist, full point for song name)

4 – TV – In April 2012 Sky News admitted to two counts of which crime?

5 – Sport – How old was the oldest runner in the London Marathon? (+/- 5 years)

6 – True or False – True or False – In April 2012 Dylan Moran became the first ever English speaking comedian to perform in Russia.

7 – General Knowledge – The photo sharing application Instagram was bought by whom for $1 Billion?


1 – News – Barack Obama made a surprise visit where on the 1 year anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death?

2 – Film – (At the time of writing) Which comic book based film was the highest grossing film of 2012?

3 – Music – Which pop star died in May aged 62 following liver and kidney failure?

4 – TV – Eugene Polley died this month – but what did he invent?

5 – Sport – Which Sporting icon landed in Cornwall on 19th May before continuing a longer journey?

6 – True or False – True or False – A visit by Prince Charles to the BBC Scotland Studios saw him presenting the weather

7 – General Knowledge – This May saw the 100th anniversary of which maritime disaster?


1 – News – Sadly in June 2012, Lonesome George died.  But who was he?

2 – Film – Which Sci-Fi epic released in June 2012 was originally titled “Paradise”?

3 – Music – How many singers and musicians appear on the Official Jubilee single “Sing”? (+/- 50)

4 – TV – How many complaints did the BBC receive regarding their coverage of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant? (+/- 500)

5 – Sport – Which Tour De France bike rider became known as “Le Gentleman” after stopping other riders to allow for repairs to bikes damaged in an act of sabotage?

6 – True or False – True or False – Prince Harry performs on the Official Jubilee single “Sing” playing the Triangle.

7 – General Knowledge – Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in June 2012 but who is the only other British Monarch to have reached this landmark?


1 – News – For the first time ever what condition was met by all the teams entering the Summer Olympics?

2 – Film – The stuntman playing the part of the Queen for the parachute jump in the Olympic opening ceremony was called Gary… a) Bond, b) Connery, c) Moore?

3 – Music – What was the name of the Official anthem of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games?

4 – TV – What appeared in Watford for a special episode of Eastenders?

5 – Sport – Kirani James won a Gold Medal in the 400 Metre sprint winning his countries 1st Olympic Gold Medal.  Which country was he running for? a) Bahamas b) Grenada c) Qatar or d) Tunisia

6 – True or False – True or False: When filming the part of the Olympic opening ceremony featuring the Queen’s Corgi’s they tried to use the Queens actual dogs but these were too badly behaved so the production team had to bring in a team of specially trained “Stunt Corgi’s”.

7 – General Knowledge – How many nations participated in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games? (+/- 10)


1 – News – The Mars Rover Curiosity’s landing site was named after which famous author who died in June 2012?

2 – Film – Which fruity character is Leigh Francis better known as?

3 – Music – Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” appeared as a Number 1 Album in August, but made history for having the lowest weekly album sales for a number 1 album since the charts started to be recorded in 1994, but just how many copies did it sell (+/- 5000)

4 – TV – Which Saturday evening entertainment series returned for its 9th series in August 2012?

5 – Sport – Due to the different classifications, how many Gold Medals were awarded for swimming within the 2012 Summer Paralympics? (+/- 25)

6 – True or False – True or False – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to use part of a pen to repair a broken control and take off from the moon after the first lunar landing.

7 – General Knowledge – What was the first food eaten on the moon?


1 – News – What was unique about the McDonalds Restaurant opened in Amritsar, Northern India this month?

2 – Film – Michael Clarke Duncan was known for his trademark bulk and deep voice, but how tall was he? (+/- 0.5m or +/- half a foot)

3 – Music – What style did PSY make popular in September 2012?

4 – TV – Which role did George Entwhistle take over on 17th September 2012?

5 – Sport – In the Paralympics China came top of the medals table with 231 medals.  How many of these were Gold? (+/- 10)

6 – True or False – A 2012 Ignoble Prize (a prize for scientific research that makes people laugh and think) was awarded for research into how learning to the right makes the Eiffel Tower seem smaller?

7 – General Knowledge – The smiley face 🙂 turned how old on 19th September this year? (+/- 10)


1 – News – A blind man was shot by a police Taser after his white cane was mistaken for a what?

2 – Film – Which anniversary did the Bond franchise celebrate this year?

3 – Music – Adele’s Bond Theme Skyfall was released in October charting at number 2.  Which of the 80s Bond theme songs is the only one of the franchise to have reached a number 1 spot in the charts? (Note – these were the American Charts as no James Bond Theme song has reached number 1 in the UK)

4 – TV – BBC Ceefax was closed down in October after running for how many years? (+/- 5)

5 – Sport – Felix Baumgartner hit the headlines for doing what?

6 – True or False – True or False – US Comedian Mark Malkoff lived in an Ikea store for 3 days.

7 – General Knowledge – In October 2012 Bees in France started producing blue honey after eating the sugary waste from the production of which chocolate treat?


1 – News – Who was accused of making prank calls in the days building up to American Presidential election?

2 – Film – Which film released November 2012 concludes the Teen Fantasy series which begun in 2009?

3 – Music – It has been revealed that the music of which alliteratively named singer has been used by a Gloucester based airport to scare birds off the runways?

4 – TV – Which actor famous for the playing a butcher with the catchphrase “They don’t like it up ’em” died in November 2012? (half point for character name)

5 – Sport – In November a collision between a white Astra and who had campaigners calling for a change to road law?

6 – True or False – True or False – There is a US Television Political Analyst called Krystal Ball.

7 – General Knowledge – Who is the only US President to have served two non-consecutive terms in office?


1 – News – Who apparently predicted the end of the world on December 21st?

2 – Film – Which 00’s Christmas film was reviewed as “the most grotesque and sick manipulation of a cinema audience’s feelings that I’ve ever seen since Leni von Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will“?

3 – Music – Which Christmas tune was originally written to the fit the lyrics “So won’t you buy me a rocking chair to watch the world go by and a looking glass to look you in the eye” – John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War is over)“, Wizzard’s “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday“, Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody“, or Brenda Lee’s “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree“?

4 – TV – Wallace & Gromit are a British Christmas Institution but in Christmas of which year did they first appear? (+/- 5 years)

5 – Sport – In Drag Racing a series of lamps flash countdown signals to the start of the race.  What are the lamps called?

6 – True or False – True or False – The world record for the largest number of people dressed as Santa or Santa’s Helper was awarded for a total of 12,965 people in 2007.

7 – General Knowledge – In the 17th Century, if you were given a Christmas clap would you be given a) a Christmas Cracker, b) A Christmas Kiss Under the Mistletoe, c) A Christmas Present, or d) A Christmas STD?

2012 Bonus Round (added with the sole purpose of bringing the scores up to 90….)

1 – How many Olympic medals have been awards for the discipline of Town Planning? – 0, 6, 12 or 24?

2 – What do London’s Ghost bikes show? A – Where a bike rider has been killed, B – Where a famous cyclist lived, or C- Where guided ghost tours on Boris bikes start?

3 – The Inca measurement of time was based on how long it took to A- Bake a flat loaf, B- Boil a potato, or C – Cook a corn cob?

4 – Where in England was Bigfoot spotted at the end of November?  A- Bungay in Norfolk, B- Tunbridge Wells in Kent, or C- Wivenhoe in Essex?


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