Photo Post – Colchester Zoo at Christmas

So just before Christmas I managed to finally take my new Zoom lens up to Colchester Zoo with Cliff and Tom.  Really chuffed with some of the photos below:

Meetkats in Morning LightMeerkat on WatchWolfWatching You, Watching MeMonkeying AroundPoserRing Tailed LemurWatching The Ring Tailed Lemurs"It Was THIS Big..."Ring Tailed LemursRing Tailed LemurRing Tailed LemurRing Tailed LemurRing Tailed LemurRing Tailed LemurReaching OutRing Tailed LemurLion AroundBig YawnLion AroundChoosing LunchChoosing LunchLion AroundGiant TortoiseGiant TortoiseRoadblock!Pygmy GoatPygmy GoatDonkeyBennett's WallabyBennett's WallabyBored MandrillWarthogSleeping CheetahsSleeping CheetahsSleeping CheetahsSleeping CheetahsElephant RelaxationYellow BirdPygmy Hippo Enjoying A BathA Zebra From All AnglesVultureVulture Close-upAnacondaLion AroundColobus MonkeyLeopardLeopardLeopardLeopardAnteaterOtters ArrivingSettling DownLunchtime For Panda'sLunchtime For Panda'sGibbonsGibbonsGibbonsGibbonsOtters ArrivingReady For Lunch"Food Please"Chowing DownMore PleaseShaking OffOtter SwimmingAsian Short Clawed OtterAsian Short Clawed OtterShaking It OutEmperor TamarinSea LionsLeaning InJazz FlippersPorpoisingPorpoisingPorpoisingHitting The BallRecycling Is Good!!Show Off!Swimming PenguinClown Fish HidingPenguinFeed Us!PenguinsIguana


One thought on “Photo Post – Colchester Zoo at Christmas

  1. Great photos Alex. Looks like you had a good day for it!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a telephoto lens. They’re great for wildlife shots, as you demonstrate. I’m not sure whether I’d use it that often though; I think I’d probably go for a wide-angle first.

    Anyway, good work 🙂

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