Photo Splurge – America with VICTA

The charity VICTA (Visually Impaired Children Take Action), the charity I ran the London Marathon for in 2012, asked if I would help volunteer on a trip to America for two weeks.  We had a week long cruise around the Caribbean before spending a week in a villa in Florida.  Of course I said yes and here’s the photos…

Update See what the guys we took on the trip thought – full write up here.

Cloth ElephantCloth CreatureCruise Boat SunriseCruise Boat SunriseCruise Boat SunriseCruise Boat SunriseCruise Boat SunriseMorning SkiesCloth DogFrigate BirdCloth RabbitCloth Frog"Hell" - Cayman IslandsSea TurtleSea TurtleCayman BeachCayman BeachFlying GullsFlying GullsFlying GullsFlying GullsFlying GullsHeronParrotEgretFlorida Beach_MG_9618-editedOsprey


Just a quick post to say sorry for the long silence – I have a few photos that need to be uploaded and shared through here but its been a busy couple of months and I have a slight backlog to sort out…

If you’ve been following the 30 before 30 list the good news is that Wall-E hasn’t just met 30 people but he’s exceeded this all the way to 40!  Not going to put up the full list yet – but number 30 is, well, someone who I’m utterly delighted agreed to take part in the silliness as they’ve had an impact in my life from when I was little, throughout my teenage years and beyond into adulthood.  I aim to get the photos sorted out as quickly as possible and you’ll be able to see who I mean! 😉